Sold 144,355 Copies, Itzy’s Mini Album Is In the Spotlight

Mini Album Itzy

Itzy’s third mini album titled “Not Shy” is now skyrocketing and reached sales of 144,355 copies at the end of August. This is not a surprising achievement because from the beginning, this girl group is very potential and provides a very stunning work.

Itzy’s album was first released on February 11, 2019, a testament to the debut of a new member, Itzy. A girl band formed by JYP Entertaiment with five members. Before the existence of this group, each of the personnel was already better known by the community.

Those who first explored the world of music. Follow a lot of activities until quite experienced of course. Not even just one of the personnel, they told me that previously could not dance and could only sing. Learn and work it all hoping that dream will come true later.

Now that dream has been achieved, until finally they can become one member. Unite each other’s abilities to create harmony and beauty. Cohesiveness became one of the goals of the founding of this Itzy group.

With a different story apparently able to unite them to become what they are today. Girlgroups that have a lot of followers and always provide the best support and hope for them. Also able to score many albums, singles, as well as achieve many achievements. Even Itzy’s album can reach the highest rank on various korean music streaming lists. Also recognized internationally.

The Popularity of His Songs Supported By All Members of Itzy

itzy albums

Behind the success of the album, there is certainly a solid member role and hard work for this girl band. The oldest personnel in the group is Yeji. The oldest personnel with his real name is Hwang Ye-ji who is a south Korean-born woman, Jeonju.

He has been through the process by working hard, training for three years. Then it became a consistent SBS The Fan but unfortunately he had to go home while in the fifth episode. Interesting fact that he turns out to have had a hobby of dancing since 5th grade. Which was marked by his participation in a grub dance in his hometown, called Blue Ramp

Next is Choi Ji su or often called Lia. A little fact about her that she had studied at an international school, as well as practicing dancing for two years longer. He is also proficient in English.

The personnel with the real name Shin Ryu Jin born in 2001 was apparently once recruited while attending got7 fanmmeting event. As well as collaborating with BTS on their video titled “Love Yourself Hightlight Reel”. Itzy’s fourth personnel is Lee Chaer Yeong. This South Korean-born girl turned out to be the younger sister of Chaeyeong IIZEONE. One of the achievements was when he became the Kpop Star 3 constant when he was eleven years old.

The last one is Shin Yu Na. The short story is that in 2018 she was selected as the most liked and needed trainee for the new female grub from JYP, namely in the Korean community.

Since Debut, Itzy’s Album Is Much Sought After

Since Debut, Itzy's Album Is Much Sought After
Since Debut, Itzy’s Album Is Much Sought After

The beginning of the story before the debut of the newcomer group, Itzy, apparently behind the scenes there is a story of their struggle of the personnel. In 2013 Chaeryeong was one of the konsestan in K-pop Star 3. Then he also participated in a competition event at JYP Entertaiment survival show Sixteen. But apparently failed to become a personnel in one of twice girl group.

After that, ryujin is one of the konsestan in JYP Entertaiment survival show Mix Nine, namely in 2018. It turns out that she managed to place first among other women in the competition. But he lost out on the overall men’s group.

Yeji’s journey of struggle even had to stop while in the fifth episode. She auditioned on SBS’ The Fan. And the end of his struggles while being consistent there.

Too many stories of struggle in every personnel. On February 11, JYP Entertaiment formed a group of five members including Chaeryeong, Ryujin, Yeji, Lia, and Luna. The release of Itzy’s first album, It’z Different, coincided with his single “Dalla Dalla”.

Not only that, they managed to get a showcase tour announced by JYP Entertainment. Which is where their journey began from Indonesia, namely Jakarta to various cities in Asia throughout 2019. That’s because Itzy’s mini album titled It’z Icy coincided with the release of the music video as well as the lead single titled “Icy”. As well as before leaving for the United States for five shows in January 2020

In addition to Itzy’s Famous Album, The Awards Are Diverse

itzy albums

Newcomer girl group Itzy has set a record for the most album sales in its first week of launch. Itzy’s mini album sold 144,355 according to reports. Proud results and happiness for personnel because they are able to attract the attention of many people with their skills. Not Shy, released on the EP on August 17, 2020.

Previously on their EP titled It’z Me only sold 64,659 copies in the first week. These achievements make them more enthusiastic and want to show their best.

It turns out that Itzy’s album ‘Not Shy’ successfully reached the highest rank on various korean music streaming lists. As well as in the international sphere, the music video Not Shy reached over 10m views in the seventeen hours since it was posted on youTube. Even on August 25, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. Korean time, the number of views of the video clip again had been viewed almost 30 million times.

Then on their first Itzy album , “Dalla Dalla” managed to reach 17 million more views within 24 hours of its release. As well as being the second most popular search on youtube. On February 21, after the day after its debut, Itzy’s album received the first music show win on M Countdown as well as being the fastest girl group to win on the music show.

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