Song Hye Kyo’s Unique Facts

Song Hye Kyo

Today beautiful actress Song Hye Kyo celebrated her 40th birthday in Korean age calculations. The name of the cast of the drama Descendants of The Sun is often discussed and trending on social media. Many of the talks highlighted her stunning appearance at the age of almost 40

The Most Beautiful Aunt in the World

Celebrity birthdays themselves have always been something that fans celebrate. One of them is the moment of Song Hye Kyo’s age which also became the media coverage because of her charm that did not fade. On Korean search site Naver, her birthday moments became trending, even one of Osen’s articles called her the most beautiful aunt in the world.

It is understood he uploaded an IG Strory showing a young boy who appears to be his nephew singing a happy birthday song. That’s why she’s called the most beautiful aunt in the world. In fact, Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife has often been called one of the most beautiful actresses, and became a standard of beauty for Asian women. She is also known as a reference for women who want to beautify her face with plastic surgery.

After winning a modeling contest, she modeled in a school uniform and starred in her play First Love. In 2000 through the series Autumn in My Heart he managed to steal the attention of the audience, and his name soared as one of hallyu’s stars. In the Korean role art world, she earned the nickname as the Queen of Melodrama. Because she often plays a female character who has difficulty living that often features acting melo.

Song Hye Kyo’s Interesting Facts

Song Hye Kyo Instagram
Song Hye Kyo

Well, here are some unique facts about Song Hye Kyo that are a pity to miss.

  1. Plastic surgery is common and common in South Korea. But apparently Song Hye Kyo did not do so, as quoted from Kdramastars, she denied the accusations of plastic surgery against her. To take care of his body and pan, he claimed to regularly consult a doctor.
  2. The 39-year-old internationally thought he would be sentenced to a short life. Quoted from Econotimes, he was born in a very weak body condition. In fact, doctors predicted it would not survive and only lasted one week.
  3. Although it was predicted that he would not live long, but he was able to prove himself growing up healthy. He also had aspirations as an athlete, and his parents gave skater lessons when he was in elementary school. However, after entering junior high school, the course stopped because of her desire to focus on becoming a model.
  4. She achieved success when she was just in the modeling world at the age of 14. After winning the first place, he got an offer to play a TV series, now his name is known to foreign countries.
  5. In September 2020, Kdramastars reported song Joong Ki’s wealth reached Rp 439.6 billion

Those are some interesting and unique things related to Song Hye Kyo. With a beautiful face and smooth skin, it is no wonder that many make her an idol.

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