Spider-Man 2099 in Into the Spider-Verse Sequel

Spider-Man 2099 in Into the Spider-Verse Sequel

Some time ago through one of spider-man’s social media into The Spider-Verse 2, there was an image upload for Spider-man 2099. Of course, this image is what will become a new character in the sequel. This makes fans feel very curious about the project by Marvel for the future.

The post depicts a design photo for an upcoming Spiderman character. In terms of color, it’s very different and even looks more eccentric than the last Spiderman design.

Marvel and Spider-man Backgrounds

For those of you who like Action movies for animated movies, Marvel keywords are no longer something familiar. Marvel itself is an American media franchise that has a job to handle a superhero movie including Spider-man. The film was self-produced by Marvel Studio. Some of the characters that appear in the film are characters that appear based on Marvel comic books.

Their first film to be released was Iron Man which was released in 2008. Then after the film’s release they managed to get a lot of attention from fans. Then in 2012, they released another film called The Avengers.

A year later they released Iron Man 3 for a second series after Iron Man 2008. Then two years later they used a new concept with a film called Ant-man which was released in 2015.

Spider-man 2099

Spider-man 2099

This character is a fictional character with superhero theme that appears in the American comic book published independently by Marvel Comics. This character is a direct creation of Peter David and his partner Rick Leonardi that they have designed since 1992 for the 2099 Marvel Comics book line. This was an achievement due to the futuristic re-depiction by Stan Lee and his partner Steve Ditko

For this character, he exists with an original identity named Miguel O’Hara. He is a brilliant geneticist who lives in New York City in 2099.

At that time he tried to revive the original abilities of the spider animal or Spider-Man that existed in others and then it turned out to be accidentally an accident that caused half of his DNA to have to be replaced with the genetic code of the spider animal.

History of Spider-Man 2099

This Spider-Man character is one of the many characters from Marvel that was later reimagined. The goal is for Marvel’s 2099 comic book line. There is a description of the future of marvel’s classic characters and then came back to life in 2099.

According to historical data, Marvel 2099 began to exist in 1992 which is approximately 107 years before the new books were released.

The book continued to sell until it reached a hundred thousand copies once published. But at the beginning of 1996 there was a drastic change in the way they worked. There is even a record of the dismissal of the editor of the 2099 series named Joey Cavalieri.

This is because Marvel was experiencing unstable finances at the time. In fact almost all writers at that time had to stop. But one named Peter David chose to stick with the value of solidarity with his editor.

Release Schedule and Synopsis

Release Schedule and Synopsis
Release Schedule and Synopsis

There is news that the film will be released in 2022. It’s October on the 7th. But reportedly, Marvel has started promoting the film with this Spider-man character early in 2021. The film will get a live screening by Sony.

The full synopsis of this story is when one of the big companies known as Megacorportion Alchemax has responsibility for all the needs of the country such as medicines to military weapons on a modern scale.

At the same time one of the geneticists named Miguel O’Hara was asked by the government directly to make a weapon that is super or really powerful. But in his experiments he had an accident where his volunteer named sims turned into monsters.

Additional Information

Until now, Sony has not voted or voted. In fact, it is still silent to explain more about the concept of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2. Meanwhile, it is known that they have not given an official title for the film that they will release in 2020.

It is known that there are several characters that will later appear in this film. Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy and Peter B Parker.

Interesting Facts About Spider-Man 2099

Interesting Facts About Spider-Man 2099
Interesting Facts About Spider-Man 2099

According to existing sources, the film on this animation will be very different from the previous Peter Parker story that his fans have seen. Even according to the source, this version of Spider-Man 2099 has a different background. Namely for the cast got a sting by a radioactive spider. Some of the artists who later participated include Christopher Miller and Phil Lord.

There is no further information on how the film will be released. And how they’re going to air it. They are still thinking about the concept they should use before they officially publish the film.

Moreover, no one knows about the situation when 2022 comes. For those of you who love this series, you are expected to participate in enlivening the latest series from Marvel. Although it has a somewhat different concept from the previous film. They claim that you won’t feel disappointed when watching a movie that makes spider-man fans miss out.

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