‘Nevertheless’ KDrama Star Kim Min Gwi Stumbles into Infidelity Scandal, It’s a Fact!

Kim Min Gwi Infidelity Scandal

In addition to soaring the names Song Kang and Han So Hee, KDrama Nevertheless also boosted the popularity of Kim Min Gwi. Playing the role of Nam Gyu Hun, Min Gwi won the praise of the internet for his slick acting.

Just feeling the fame through Nevertheless, Min Gwi instead stumbled into an infidelity scandal. Then is it true that Min Gwi is having an affair? Check out the facts below!

Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Min Gwi’s True Nature

Min Gwi’s affair scandal began with her ex-boyfriend’s upload in the South Korean online community on July 24, 2021. Min Gwi’s ex-girlfriend wrote an upload titled ‘I want to expose the real life of nvtl drama actor’.

Her ex-boyfriend told her that Min Gwi during his relationship with her often had an affair. In addition, they also have intercourse and the actor often scolds him. As evidence, he included his photo with Min Gwi as evidence.


In the upload, Min Gwi’s ex-girlfriend says, “For six years of dating me, you went to nightclubs without my knowledge. You also do love last night and have a relationship with a number of girls.”

Instead of apologizing for being caught having an affair, the ex-girlfriend reveals that Kim Min Gwi scolded her because she did not comply with her request to lie to her cheating. Not staying silent, Min’s ex-girlfriend also posted evidence of the conversation that has now been removed from her uploads on social media.

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Accused of Violating Quarantine Rules

Not only the affair scandal, Min Gwi’s ex-girlfriend also revealed that the actor had violated corona virus quarantine rules. That said, South Korea is one of the countries that has strict rules regarding self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ex-girlfriend revealed that Min Gwi had been positive for COVID-19 and did self-isolation. However, Min Gwi came out

The ex-girlfriend revealed that Kim Min Gwi had been positive for COVID-19 and underwent self-isolation. However, Kim Min Gwi instead left the house without permission to meet another woman.

Min Gwi’s Confession and Apology

In light of the artist’s scandal, Min gwi’s agency issued an official statement and apologized for the controversy on July 26, 2021.

“Hello, this is Big Picture Entertainment. First, we apologize for causing concern due to the bad attitude of our artist, Kim Min Gwi. Here, we reveal if Min Gwi admits his mistake for having an affair. Min Gwi deeply regrets his immature actions and inflicts pain on the victims.”

However, regarding the allegations of self-isolation, the agency emphatically said the actor did not violate quarantine rules imposed in South Korea. The agency said min Gwi had been in quarantine since May 22 and had fully recovered.

One day later, after the agency issued an official statement, Min Gwi posted a handwritten letter on her personal Instagram account. In the letter he sincerely apologizes to his ex-girlfriend who he has cheated on.

Kim Min Gwi’s Scenes Reduced

No kidding, due to the scandal of infidelity, the production of the drama Nevertheless took decisive action. Jtbc’s representative said that it will edit Kim Min Gwi’s scene in the drama as much as possible. In addition, its appearance in the Nevertheless glass layer starting july 31, 2021 was also reduced.

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