Successful Debut in 2020, This Is the Girl Group Rookie who Will Shine

Girl Group Rookie Who Will Shine

The competition to become an idol is getting tighter, this fact does not discourage the interest of young talent to debut as a K-Popgirl group. In 2020, not a few entertainment agencies are debuting their best trainees. The presence of the new group is expected to be a proud generation.

K-Pop industry competition is not only dominated by large companies. New names proved capable of stealing attention with their own characteristics. Here is the Girl Group Rookie who is predicted to shine in the following years.

1. Secret Number

Since last year, Vine Entertainment has announced it will release a new girl group. Initially, the agency uploaded a debut teaser on December 17, 2019, and confirmed that they were ready to debut after 100 days. Starting from the time the teaser was uploaded, precisely March 26, 2020.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, causing the agency to reschedule. Finally, the group named Secret Number officially debuted on May 19, 2020. Lead single titled Who Dis? quite successfully attracted the attention of K-Pop lovers.

The group is nicknamed multinational because it has members from outside South Korea. One of them is the leader group, Lea comes from Japan. Not only that, one other member had become a trending topic in the country. Because, Dita is the first idol who is native to Indonesia. While the other members Jinny, Sodam, and Denise are South Korean citizens.

Although still new, Secret Number won Ten Asia Award 2020: Top Ten Artist and Asia Artist Awards 2020: Best New Female Artist. This 5-member group is also included in several upcoming Mnet Asian Music Award 2020 nominees, including Best New Female Artist, Artist of the Year, and World Wide Icon of the Year.


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High-Up Entertainment announced its new project on September 8, 2020, and plans to debut the first girl group called STAYC. This news makes K-Pop fans curious, who will be the line up group.

Some time later, the agency introduced a brief profile of the members. Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J officially debuted on November 12, 2020. The mini album titled Star To Young Culture with the main singgel So Bad continues to increase views on Youtube until now.

Interestingly, STAYC is produced by expert from girl group, Black Eyed Pilseung. Previously, the duo successfully produced Sistar, Miss A, Twice, and Apink.

Looking at the track record, it is certain that this new group is no less shining than its seniors. Proven since the music video was released, stayc name is most sought after in several music platforms.

It is not surprising that the group skyrocketed, before the debut of the members were already known through television programs. Members Sumin and Seeun are known as former Plan A Entertainment trainees who will debut with Weekly.

As for the lead vocalist Sieun, a former JYP Entertainment trainee who appeared in the drama Six Flying Dragon, Still 17, and Mystic Pop-up Bar. Not only that, this cute parased woman has won the 2018 SBS Drama Awards: Best Young Actress.

3. Bling Bling

GIRL GROUP, secret number, aespa, bling bling, stayc
Bling Bling

Girl group Bling Bling officially debuted on November 17, 2020 under Major9 Entertainment. For the unannounced, the agency was founded in 2017 as a combination of 3 companies including The Vibe Entertainment, Gold Moon Entertainment, and Asukasa Games.

After three years of establishment, Major9 Entertainment finally debuted its first girl group. The group, formerly G.G.B consists of Juhyun, Ayamy, Jieun, Marin, Narin, and Yubin.

In 2016, Vibe Entertainment already plans to debut a girl group. However, it does not get the right line up because there is a change of members. After merged into Major9 Entertainment, they gained talented trainees. Finally, the agency found 6 members according to the criteria.

Like other girl group rookies, some members of Bling Bling had appeared in television programs. Maknae Yubin had participated in survival show Produce 48. The perfoma is not so bad, but its popularity is not good. So, he was eliminated from the first round.

To attract K-Pop fans, a lot of promotional content is uploaded through Youtube channels. Bling Bling also uploaded a dance cover of Fire from BTS and Boss from NCT U. Their performance made fans show enthusiasm for the new group Major9 Entertainment.

4. Aespa

GIRL GROUP, secret number, aespa, bling bling, stayc

SM Entertainment uploaded the mysterious logo via its social media accounts on October 26, 2020. The next day, they announced that they would debut a new girl group called Aespa. One by one, K-Pop fans enthusiastically waited for a new group from the famous South Korean agency.

The girl group members were previously introduced through SM Rookie alongside Red Velvet and NCT. Aespa has members Winter and Karina from South Korea, Ninning from China, and Giselle the first SM Entertainment artist from Japan.

Aespa officially debuted on November 17, 2020 with a single titled Black Mamba. The song has an interesting hook, a touch of synth and a strong bass with energetic dance accompaniment resulting in melodious chants.

Recently debuted, the girl group managed to place first in the South Korean search engine. Not only that, they made it to the Billboard charts. Previously, Black Mamba became the first most watched music video in 24 hours.

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Having members with extraordinary talents, Aespa is predicted to dominate K-Pop in the next few years. Indeed, so far sm entertainment girl group has never disappointed.

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