Success Tops K-Drama Ratings, It’s The Reason Why You Should Watch the Drama “Alice”

Alice K-Drama

SBS’s Friday-Saturday slot Korean drama Alice, which is currently airing, is arguably a success with her first impressions. Because, since the first episode aired, the drama has surprisingly scored about 6.3%. The drama is also sure to continue to experience significant improvement.

Alice’s drama could be referred to as a different drama from previous SBS dramas. Based on the combined theme of sci-fi and time travel that is quite rare, this drama is able to make the audience enjoy a storyline that is not as simple as other time travel dramas.

Preview Drama Alice

Nevertheless, the drama is well produced until it looks very natural like watching a film. Not only that, but the drama is also supported by the riveting acting of every actor, thrilling action, and an uns simple and unpredictable storyline.

Starring a beautiful young actress, Kim Hee Sun, and handsome actor Joo Won, the drama is also the beginning of the actor’s comeback after a conscription. The drama also stars several other supporting actors such as Kwak Si Yang, Lee Da In, Choi Won Young, Lee Jae Yoon and senior actor Kim Sang Hoo.

Why You Should Watch This Drama

An Interesting Alice Drama Synopsis and Storyline

Alice tells me about time-traveling in memory of someone in the past. In 2050, an organization called “Alice” finds a way to travel back in time using a time-card.

Once upon a time, Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Sun) and Yoo Min Hyuk (Kwak Si Yang) were assigned to return to 1992 in search of a book called “The Book of Prophecy” that was the key to a miserable end in time travel. However, when he wanted to return, Tae Yi was found to be pregnant with his child with Min Hyuk.

Alice K-drama

Min Hyuk also asked Tae Yi to abort her pregnancy. Because they have been exposed to radiation while on their way back to the future. Tae Yi secretly doesn’t want to do that. Unbeknownst to Min Hyuk, Tae Yi chose to escape the organist to settle that year and change his name to Park Sun Young.

Park Jin Gyeom’s (Joo Won) birth that wasn’t supposed to happen that year makes future events change. Park Jin Gyeom grew up with alexithymia, an inability to recognize and feel emotions. In 2010, Tae Yi was finally discovered by Alice’s organization, and shot dead.

The death of his mother led Jin Gyeom to make the decision to become a police officer. He wanted to investigate the cause of his mother’s death that felt mysterious to him. 10 years later, Jin Gyeom was appointed a Lieutenant.

One day, a strange case occurred that led Jin Gyeom to begin investigating it. These strange cases bring Jin Gyeom to the memory of the past. He also remembered a card from his mother. Who would have thought, it turns out that Jin Gyeom can travel time using the time-card.

In the process of investigating these strange cases, Jin Gyeom accidentally met his mother in 2020 as Yoon Tae Yi. Yoon Tae Yi himself is a professor of physics at a university.

The play has an unusual storyline. Not only that, at the beginning of the episode, the drama does not go into detail about the mechanics of time travel. Thus, the audience will be curious and raise many questions. For example, how will changing the past create a new future? Or are the current timelines the main one or are they actually in a parallel world?

Joo Won’s comeback drama after conscription

Joo Won Behind The Scenes

The success of Alice’s drama was also supported by the actor, Joo Won. It became Joo Won’s preferred drama to make his comebackto television screens after conscription. For the audience, Joo Won’s acting is certainly unquestionable.

Because he is a police officer, there are certainly some action scenes and dangerous scenes performed by Joo Won. Even some dangerous scenes, performed by Joo Won in the absence of a stunt or editing process.

Not only Joo Won, Alice has also been a comeback drama for her co-star Kim Hee Sun since her last drama aired in 2018. Kim Hee Sun is also known as an actress with stunning acting in every role she plays.

Showing Off The Sophistication of Technology By 2050

Taking on the theme of time travel, the play will take the story in three timelines at once. The past, the present, and the future. In this drama, it is told that by 2050, there has been a technology called time-card that can travel time, a gun that has bullets so small invisible, a drone without wings or propellers, as well as the ability to turn human paras into younger or older with a device attached to the ear.

It is also what attracts the attention of the audience. Unknowingly, the audience will be curious about the technological tools of the future that seem absurd. No wonder the drama continues to experience a significant increase in ratings. Recorded in the 4th episode last week, Alice scored a rating of 11.4%.

Well there are a few reasons why you should add this drama to your watch list.

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