Eben Burgerkill dies of heart attack

Eben Burgerkill dies of heart attack

Guitarist from burgerkill band, Eben breathed his last, on Friday (3/9/2021). Eben died in Bandung, West Java. The news of Eben Burgerkill’s death has also been confirmed by some of his friends. One of them is guitarist Gerald Situmorang who also expressed his condolences through his personal Twitter account.

“RIP Kang Eben Burgerkill. Condolences to the family and extended family of Burgerkill,” Gerald wrote on Twitter, Friday (09/03/2021).

Eben reportedly died of a sudden heart attack, as said by padi reborn band guitarist, Piyu.

“Yes, this is the same with us at the event venue in Bandung. Burgerkill performed before us. The deceased fell on stage. Please pray,” piyu said.

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One of Eben’s friends, Adib Hidayat also confirmed the sad news. He learned the news of Eben’s death from a friend of the deceased who was in Bandung. Furthermore, Adib said before he died, Eben Burgerkill was doing activities with his band. Eben had fainted and was immediately taken to the hospital, but arriving at the hospital, Eben was declared dead.

“While filming fainted and was rushed to the hospital died,” Adib said.

The news of Eben’s departure felt very sudden, even he was still updated on Instagram 23 hours ago. He uploaded a photo while on the God Bless stage a few days ago for being one of the performers.

In addition, 15 hours before he died, he also still uploaded several photos with his colleagues as well as a portrait of support for a brand on his Insta Story.

During this time Eben is known as one of the founders of the rock band as well as its personnel. Although it has a look of sangar impressed, but he is known as a good father figure and husband. While on stage, Eben Burgerkill is famous for gahar, but he has a loving heart for his family, especially to his children. Eben is survived by his wife and three sons.

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