Super Junior: Member Profiles, Albums and Awards He Earned

Super Junior

Super Junior is a South Korean boy idol group also known as SJ or SUJU. The boy band was formed by producer Lee so-man through SM Entertainment in 2005.

The GROUP SUJU was also named by the media and the Korean Music Awards as the King of Hallyu Wave for its very important contribution to korean wave. The group has a total of 10 male members consisting of Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun.

Super Junior Member Profile

Each member’s profile has their own profile and background before finally uniting in an idol group. Lopers has a lot of information about boy bands like Super Junior. The following is the profile of each Super Junior member..

1. Leeteuk

Super Junior
Super Junior with His Best Leader, Leetuk who Looks Youthful

Leeteuk is the stage name for Park Jung-so who was born on July 1, 1983 in South Korea. He is a singer, actor dancer, presenter, radio announcer and MC. Leeteuk is also the chairman of the boy band with instrument expertise on piano and guitar.

2. Heechul

Heechul is a South Korean actor, model and singer born on July 10, 1983. He is a member of the boy band SUJU with its subgroup on Super Junior-T. He has the real name Kim Hee-chul and another nickname is Heenim given by fans and the media. Heechul is a singer with pop, dance, R&B and Trot genres.

3. Yesung

Yesung has a real name as Kim Jong-un and was born on August 24, 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. He is a singer, actor, MC, radio announcer and songwriter who debuted with the group SJ on November 6, 2005. While his career as a radio announcer began in 2006 and for the first time in 2008 he also filled the Soundtrack for the Korean drama Tazza.

4. Sungmin

Sungmin has the birth name Lee Sungmin. The Singer, born in Gyeonggi South Korea on January 1, 1986, had another career as a dancer, actor and radio host. Sungmin joined SM Entertainment through the audition of The SM Youth Best Contest in 2001. He debuted as a member of SUJU on November 6, 2005.

5. Shindong

Shindong is a nickname for Shin Dong-hee. He was born on September 28, 1985 in South Korea. In addition to his career as a singer, he is also an actor, MC and radio announcer. During his time with Super Junior he has earned many awards including the award as a radio announcer.

6. Eunhyuk

Eunhyuk has the real name Lee Hyuk Jae and was born on April 4, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. He is also known as a dancer, rapper, DJ, host, presenter, songwriter, and actor. Eunhyuk is the lead rapper in his group nicknamed Dancing Machine Suju because of his cunning in dancing. She was also nicknamed Anchovy because of her thin posture.

7. Siwon

Choi Si-won is a South Korean singer, actor and model born on April 7, 1986. Siwon has won numerous awards in music. In addition, he also starred in many Korean dramas including Oh! My Lady, The King of Dramas, She Was Pretty and was also involved in several Chinese films.

Super Junior
Super Junior’s Elegant Dress Style That Makes Fans Fall In Love

As a model he was also appointed to be audi south Korea brand ambassador since 2014. He is also said to be the first South Korean to have five million followers on Twitter.

8. Donghae

Lee Dong-hae was born on October 15, 1986 in Mokpo Jeollanam. He is a singer and dancer, rapper, songwriter, model and actor. He officially joined Super Junior on November 6, 2005 through sbs’s Popular Songs program with his first single TWINS (Knock Out). While her acting debut began on Mystery 6, the horror documentary SUJU aired in early 2006.

9. Ryeowook

Kim Ryeowook is a singer, songwriter, radio DJ who is one of the three lead vocalists in the boy band. He also has piano and keyboard instrument expertise. Ryeowook has also participated in films, variety shows, music video performances, musical theater and a play.

10. Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun has the full name Cho Kyuhyun and was born on February 3, 1988. He is recorded as the last member to join SUJU. Kyuhyun also had another career as an MC, musical actor and radio DJ.

She also made her solo debut in 2014 with a MINI album titled At Gwanghwamun. The artist made his first appearance as a member of the band on the jacket photoshoot of the single U on May 23, 2006. He then debuted with the group on SBS I-Concert on May 26, 2006.

Super Junior Albums

The idol group has released 13 albums including Twins, Don’t Don, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mr. Simple, Sexy Free & Single. Mamacita, PLAY, REPLAY, Time Sleep, Timeline Special Album, Timeless Repackage Album and Japanese album hero 2013.

Awards Earned

Super Junior
Legendary Super Junior Boyband That Still Remains in the Hearts of ELVES

Super Junior has won numerous awards during its debut in the entertainment industry. The group has won 194 awards including Asia Song Festival, Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards, Golden Disc Awards and many more as well as 63 music program awards. In addition, there are more than 200 nominations he has received in various awards programs.

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