Super Junior Postpones Album Release Until February

Super Junior Postpones Album Release Until February

There is surprising news from one of the korean boy bands, Super Junior regarding the album’s release until February 2021. Yes, Super Junior made a pretty shocking announcement for their fans, which was that they decided to postpone the release of their album, The Renaissance. The album is scheduled for release on February 16, 2021.

This announcement was given directly by the management of those who claimed to be very sorry and sad to have to give this unpleasant news.

After 15th Anniversary, Super Junior Becomes More Productive

After 15th Anniversary, Super Junior Becomes More Productive
After 15th Anniversary, Super Junior Becomes More Productive

Some time ago, Super Junior has made it through the 15th day with a virtual meeting between members and ELF. Yes, for lovers of Korean boy band Super Junior became one of the legendary boy bands that managed to break several awards to get out of the country. Super Junior or SJ is a Korean boy band formed in 2005. They come from the agency S.M Entertainment.

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They also earned a nickname from the South Korean media as the King of Hallyu Wave. This nickname exists because they managed to make the South Korean industry in the entertainment section soar. They consist of 13 handsome men. Suju became famous since their single titled Sorry Sorry was successfully brought to international success.

The boy band is also the best-selling K-pop artist for four consecutive years. Even Super Junior himself won sixteen awards from the Golden Disk Awards, thirteen music awards from Mnet Asian Musik and even they also won one of the MTV Asia Awards with the title Favorite Artist Korea in 2008.

Super Junior Always Actively Creates New Albums

The beginning of the formation of this boy band was when in 2000. S.M. Entertainment held its first overseas audition. They managed to recruit several auditionees. Until finally found the 13 people.

In the beginning, the founder of boyband often changed the initial concept of this group. Thus causing them in addition to vocals and dancing, they also learn additional other skills such as acting and modeling to the host.

Super Junior officially debuted at S.M Entertainment on November 06, 2005 with a single titled Knock Out. The single was featured on a music program that at the time was quite popular in Korea. The result was that their album sold out to 28,536 copies at the beginning of their first month of release.

After All Completed Conscription, They Return

After All Completed Conscription, They Return
After All Completed Conscription, They Return

Successfully successful with the sale of their albums and concerts, the members of these handsome men apparently did not forget their obligations to follow the conscription that has become a program of the South Korean government.

One by one they plan to take up to two years off from entertainment activities, this is to take care of their health. This rotating leave is also in the program to keep the group active, until the conscription process is completed.

The members scheduled to attend the first conscription were Leeteuk, Shindong, and Eunhyuk. One of them became part of the army to become a police officer as well as community service.

The Renaissance Album Concept That Retreats From Schedule

The Renaissance Album Concept That Retreats From Schedule
The Renaissance Album Concept That Retreats From Schedule

Looks like Elf has to be patient to want to enjoy the latest album from Super Junior. Because there is bad news that was heard until the listener that the album was canceled the release that should be in January 2021.

In an interview with Korean mass media S.M Entertainment confirmed this, saying that they had planned to release the album in January 2021 as a reward for their comeback but that the decision had to change. For this reason it is not explained with certainty by the S.M.

Sm’s Sub Label said that they only want the best for their fans, including their latest work. Especially for their fans who have been faithfully waiting for their comeback.

The S.M also added that they really feel guilty for fans for cancelling the album’s release. But fans don’t worry because all SJ members and labels will give their best efforts to prepare this album.

The album that will be Super Junior released is titled The Renaissance which will be released on January 16, 2021.

On the release of their latest album this time. They use a very special concept which in addition to the release of their 10th full album, this album is also a combination of harmony between classical and modern times.

In the teaser image they released, they wore costumes or clothes that were widely used in the Renaissance era. The Renaissance era itself was a century in which it was often referred to as the century of renewal. This century occurred in the 14th to 17th centuries. This era was also the transition from the Middle Ages to the modern age.

A Unique and Interesting Song Selection

This album will be released into several songs including 10 songs with various genres. Including the song The Melody which has been released some time ago.

Previously, Super Junior had said that the lyric record for their latest album had actually been said from the beginning of November 17, 2020.

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Meanwhile, they added that there is also one song that they remake from their old song Raining Spell for Love which once won votes from their fans. The song is an album titled mamacita which comes from the seventh album owned by Super Junior.

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