Shock Fans, Renjun Finally Has An Instagram Account!

Renjun Finally Has An Instagram Account!

NCT Dream’s renjun surprised fans after opening a personal Instagram account. Reported from Allkpop website, Renjun reportedly officially interrupted the NCTzen (NCT fan designation) through Instagram since June 24, 2021.

He has also uploaded a black and white photo showing himself looking up at the sky. Not only that, he also completed it with captions written in three languages, namely Chinese, Korean and English. Here’s a translation of the caption that the NCT member wrote in his upload on social media Instagram.

“Hello everyone, this is Renjun and this is my Instagram account! I’m going to upload a photo of everyday life here so I’m so happy to see you guys come to my account!”

Unknown, he used the name @yellow_3to3 on his personal IG account. Even keywords related to his name became a trending topic on Twitter today. Fans talk about Renjun creating his new account.

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Before creating his personal IG account, it is known that nct member from China asked his colleague for advice first. It is understood he asked Yangyang for advice about which username he would use.

Not only that, the use of the name ‘yellow’ on his Instagram username is also known to be a suggestion from Jisung. Not even one day opening an IG account, more than 1.6 million fans have followed suit.

NCT fans, especially Huang Renjun, don’t need to worry, because the Instagram account can still be followed. Because the follow button on the account is certainly not subject to errors even though many other accounts follow at the same time. For information, until June 24, 2021, 16 NCT members already have a personal IG account.

NCT Dream itself is a sub-unit of the boy band NCT which was formed on August 24, 2016. At the time, NCT Dream was filled by members in their teens, because of their 3rd era debut in the Kpop industry, they were considered seniors by other idols their age.

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