Double Patty Synopsis, The Story of Young People Chasing Love and Dreams

Synopsis Double Patty

The latest film starring Irene Red Velvet and Shin Seung Ho has announced the release schedule. The big screen titled Double Patty premiered on February 17, 2021.

According to information reported from Asianwiki, filming began from August 4, 2020 to September 14, 2020. The plan was for Double Patty to be released at the end of last year, but for some reason the production did a rescheduling.

Baek Seung Hwan is appointed to direct the Double Patty. The 41-year-old wrote the script and directed The Congressman (2018), The First Issue (2019), and Like the First (2019).

Synopsis Double Patty

Synopsis Double Patty

Broadly speaking, Double Patty tells about the journey of young people in achieving hopes and dreams.

Lee Hyun Ji is a college student who aspires to be an inspirational newsreader. He fought hard to make his dream come true. In between his busy life, he also worked part-time in restaurants.

Kang Woo Ram, a former wrestling athlete in high school, now works at another restaurant. He first met Lee Hyun Ji when he stopped by the restuarant and ordered a humberger one free one.

After the meeting, Kang Woo Ram often stops by Lee Hyun Ji’s restaurant. The relationship between the two began to entwine. They spend a lot of time together.

Double Patty Player Profile

Here’s a quick profile of the Double Patty player.

1. Irene Red Velvet

Irene Red Velvet films Double Patty

Irene is known as the leader of girl group Red Velvet. Original owner Bae Joo Hyun was born in Daegu, South Korea on March 29, 1991.

He joined SM Entertainment in 2009, and underwent 5 years of training. Before making her official debut, Irene was introduced as a member of SM Rookies.

He was promoted as an MC at KBS Music Bank with Park Bo Geum for the period May to June 2015.

Previously, Irene had starred in a web drama called The Female Employes of a Game Company. However, her debut as an actress was officially marked through the film Double Patty.

She plays the character of Lee Hyun Ji, a full-filled young woman who is very passionate about achieving her dreams. Portrayed as an unyielding figure in order to achieve the ideals of becoming a newsreader.

2. Shin Seung Ho

Shin Seung Ho

Handsome actor Shin Seung Ho plays Kang Woo Ram, a former wrestler in high school. He worked in one of the restaurants, and often went to Lee Hyun Ji as a humberger buyer.

Shin Seung Ho has appeared as a participant in the SBS Super Model Contest 2016.

The man, born November 11, 1995, has been dubbed the “Prince of Web Drama” by fans. Shin Sung Ho has become famous since appearing in the web drama A-Teen (2018).

In addition, she also starred in the dramas At Eighyeen (2019), Love Alarm (2019), and How to Buy a Friend (2020).

Currently, Shin Seung Ho is under the auspices of King Kong of Starship Entertainment.

3. Jung Young Joo

Jung Young Joo
Jung Young Joo – Double Patty

The senior South Korean actress was born on May 23, 1971. He has studied at Myongji University and Seoul Institute of the Arts

Jung Young Joo began his career as a musical actor. He debuted through I’m Going to Be a Star (1994).

After that, she appeared in the musical Grease, The King and I, and The Vagina Monologues (2011).

Jung Young Joo began to penetrate the world of television, first joining the drama Signal (2006).

Furthermore, in addition to starring in Double Patty he often appeared in several popular dramas such as Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016), Avengers Social Club (2017), That Man Oh So (2018), He is Psychometric (2019), Kkondae Market (2020), and many more.

4. Jo Dal Hwan

Jo Dal Hwan

Jo Dal Hwan is also on the Double Patty cast list. However, his role in the film was not explained in detail.

The man who works as an actor was born on May 10, 1981. He is an alumnus of Anjung Middle School, Shinhan High School, and Seokyeong University.

Jo Dal Hwan participated in the films A Quite Dream (2016), Ordinary Person (2017), Intimate Strangers (2018), Watching (2019), and many others.

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He also frequently joined daram projects including Doctors (2016), Whisper (2017), The Undateables (2018), and My Lawyer, Mr. Joe 2: Crime and Punishment (2019) Jo Dal Hwan was awarded the KBS Drama Awards 2014: Special Short Drama Actor.

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