Synopsis of Narco-Saints, a Drama Starring 7 Korean Stars Airing Today

Narco Saints

The latest Korean drama (drakor), Narco-Saints will be available on Netflix with Indonesian subtitles today (9/9/2022). This 6-episode drama stars Ha Jung Woo as the lead.

The latest Korean drama (drakor), Narco-Saints will be available on Netflix with Indonesian subtitles today (9/9/2022). This 6-episode drama stars Ha Jung Woo as the lead.

The scenario of Narco-Saints is based on the true story of Jo Bong-Haeng, who ran a massive drug smuggling network in Suriname.

Meanwhile, Narco-Saints is directed by Yoon Jong Bin, the filmmaker for a number of acclaimed films, such as The Spy Gone North (2018), Kundo: Age of the Rampant (2014), Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time (2012), Beastie Boys (2008), and The Unforgiven (2005).

With this promising track record, will the movie Narco-Saints succeed in capturing the hearts of the audience and placing in the ranks of other epic movies?

Let’s just take a peek at the synopsis of Narco Saints that has been compiled from various sources:

Synopsis of Korean Action Drama Narco Saints

Narco-Saints is a drama about a civilian businessman who ends up helping the National Intelligence Service (NIS) covert operation to take down a Korean drug lord operating in the South American country of Suriname.

It is based on a true story. Ha Jung Woo will play Kang In Goo, the main character who starts a business in Suriname in hopes of getting rich but ends up getting caught up in the world of drugs.

Kang In-gu worked odd jobs in Suriname to provide for his family at a very young age. One day, In-gu meets Jeon Yo-hwan (Hwang Jung-min), a respected Korean pastor who is very influential among the Korean community in Suriname and the country’s government.

He was helped by Yo-hwan when he got into trouble. In-gu then trusts the priest and feels that her life will be okay after this.

However, his hopes were dashed after he and his family were caught with cocaine when they were about to cross into Korea. In fact, the drugs did not belong to him or any of his family.

In-gu had to live her life with these false accusations. In the midst of his life, he was visited by an NIS intel agent.


Narco-Saints Movie Thrilling Facts

1 Narco Saints story is based on a true story

The upcoming six-episode series Narco-Saints is based on a true story with added elements to achieve a dramatic effect, depicted through the figure of a drug kingpin who puts on the guise of a priest.

As stated by director Yoon Jong-bin, he feels that there is something missing in the real story if this is made into a series.

“I needed to add an element to convince and capture the audience. So I looked around for a very honorable profession, and that’s where the title of priest came from to make the series more interesting.”

He also added that Narco-Saints is different from other thrillers and spy stories because it is based on a true story, involves a civilian who goes undercover as a secret agent, and has complex characters.

2 Ha Jung Woo Characters

Ha Jung Woo will play Kang In Goo, a man who starts a business in the South American country of Suriname. Kang In Goo only hopes to become a wealthy businessman, but instead he is thrust into a situation where he must work with South Korea’s NIS to capture Jeon Yo Hwan (Hwang Jung Min).

Ha Jung Woo has been more active in movies than Korean dramas. He last starred in the drama H.I.T in 2007 and made a cameo in the drama Entourage in 2016. His latest movies are Ashfall in 2019, The Closet in 2020 and will appear in Boston 1947.


3 Hwang Jung Min Characters

Hwang Jung Min will play Jeon Yo Hwan, a drug lord who runs a drug smuggling operation from Suriname. He is a powerful figure who controls the Surinamese underworld.

This is Hwang Jung Min’s new drama after the drama Hush in 2020-2021. She also starred in 2020’s Deliver Us From Evil, Hostage: Missing Celebrity in 2021 and will join Spring of Seoul in 2022.

4 Park Hae So Characters

Park Hae Soo has been starring in dramas and movies lately. He starred in the dramas Squid Game and Chimera in 2021, as well as Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area in 2022. He also starred in the films Yaksha: Ruthless Operations and Phantom in 2022, and will join The Great Flood in 2023.

In Narco-Saints, Park Hae Soo will play Choi Chang Ho, the team leader of the American branch of the National Intelligence Agency. He was the one who included Kang In Goo in his plan to defeat Jeon Yo Hwan.


5 Jo Woo Jin Characters

Jo Woo Jin will play Byun Gi Tae, a Korean born and raised in China. He is Jeon Yo Hwan’s right-hand man who is in charge of taking care of all his dirty business.

This is Jo Woo Jin’s new acting project after his impressive performance in the drama Happiness, as well as the movies Seobok and Hard Hit in 2021. He also starred in the cool movies Kingmaker and Alienoid this year.

6 Yoo Yeon Seok Characters

Meanwhile, handsome actor Yoo Yeon Seok will play the role of David Park in Narco-Saints or Suriname. He is the lawyer who advises Jeon Yo Hwan and acts as the brains of the crime syndicate.

This is Yoo Yeon Seok’s new drama after his appearance as a kind-hearted doctor in Hospital Playlist 1 and 2 in 2020-2021. Last year she also starred in the movies Steel Rain 2: Summit and New Year Blues.

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7 Filming in Korea to Dominican Republic

To produce an authentic portrayal of Suriname, most of Narco-Saints’ filming took place in the Dominican Republic, America.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic situation and limited permission to film for a long time, made the production team decide to move locations. While the entire crew and cast were banned from traveling abroad, director Yoon Jong-bin, who took a short break on Jeju Island, South Korea, had the idea to make Jeju resemble their filming location in the Dominican Republic.

“I convinced the production team of the design and we dabbled with planting coconut trees. Although we were skeptical at first, in the end the location looked really similar. The designers were very helpful in the process and we also involved CGI effects,” he recalls.

8 Unexpected Storylines

For Park Hae-soo, the series is interesting thanks to the complex journeys of various characters that tickle the viewer’s curiosity.

Meanwhile, actor Chang Chen, who plays gang leader Chen Zhen, promises that viewers will be captivated by the story of Narco-Saints, which has many mysteries and unexpected storylines.

Hwang Jung-min expressed a similar sentiment when he shared his experience reading the script of Narco-Saints.

“It’s like reading a book that’s so good that you can’t wait to turn the pages, but at the same time you don’t want the story to end,” she says. “As with this series, the end of episode one will make viewers so curious that they will immediately continue to episode two, and so on.”

A thrilling action show with a storyline full of surprises and based on a true story makes Narco-Saints a series not to be missed. Are you ready to watch today yet?

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