New Year Blues Synopsis, Lovers Struggle to Face Difficulties in Relationships

New Year Blues

Towards the end of the year, Acemaker Movie Works will soon release a film titled New Year Blues. The project, directed by Hong Ji Young, is scheduled to air in December 2020. To date, the production has not stated the exact date of the film’s release.

Synopsis Movie

New Year Blues
New Year Blues

This romantic film tells the story of the journey of four couples in conquering love, where each faces different problems. The chemistry presented will captivate every audience.

The first couple, Ji Ho and Hyo Young are afraid to fall in love again due to the trauma of previous failures. The two meet when Hyo Young, who works as a rehab coach, takes care of divorce papers. At the same time, Ji Ho receives a demotion from a crime and violence detective stationed in a public service center.

Jae Heon and Jin Ah are the people who care about the future. However, problems always come in their lives. Jae Heon wants to leave South Korea and decides to work in Argentina as a wine delivery man. Similarly, Jin Ah, facing difficulties in work and romance made him flee to Argentina. It was in this country that the two were reunited.

Yong Chan and Yao Lin are a couple who are preparing for a wedding, and trying to overcome cultural differences. Yong Chan is the CEO of a travel agency, he hides the fact that his wealth has been robbed by former employees. The incident occurred before he married Yao Lin.

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The last couple, Rae Hwan, a member of the paralympic national team who had long dated a gardener named Oh Wol. The two began to distrust each other. However, the optimistic Oh Wol tries to deny the news is not true of those around.

New Year Blues Players

Top stars participating in the New Year Blues include:

  1. Kim Kang Woo
New Year Blues

The 42-year-old actor plays Ji Ho, previously starring in Korean dramas The Taste of Money, Missing Noir M, Good Bye Mr. Black, Circle, Item, and Woman of 9.9 Billion. In addition, Kim Kang Woo also appeared in Tabloid Truth, Cart, The Teacherous, The Vanished, High Society, and many more.

2. Yoo In Na

New Year Blues

The celebrity who always attracts attention in each drama plays the character Hyo Young. In addition to her career in the role art world, Yoo In Na is a radio DJ of Let’s Crank Up The Volume, one of the highest-rated programs in South Korea.

The YG Entertainment actress has caught the attention of audiences since appearing in the film Black Mini Dress. Despite his frequent supporting roles, his acting abilities are unquestionable. Yoo In Na first got the lead role in Queen In-Hyun’s Man. Not long ago, she starred in The Spies Who Loved Me.

3. Yoo Yeon Seok

New Year Blues

Yoo Yeon Seok plays Jae Heon, in the film she looks much different from the character in Hospital Playlist. Here he looks a little messy, whereas in the previous drama it was neater.

The 36-year-old first showed acting skills in 2003 in the film Old Boy. Yoo Yeon Seok’s official debut in 2008, the dramas she had starred in include Mr. & Mrs. Cop, Dr. Romantic, Mr. Sunshine, and many more.

4. Lee Yeon Hee

New Year Blues

This SM Entertainment model and actress plays Jin Ah. After holding the wedding on June 2, 2020, Lee Yeon Hee was again active in the South Korean entertainment industry with the film New Year Blues.

Previously, the 32-year-old actress appeared in the films A Millionaire’s First Love, M, My Love, and Hello Schoolgirl. She also starred in the dramas Paradise Ranch, Ghost, Gu Family Book, and The Package.

5. Lee Dong Hwi

New Year Blues

Lee Dong Hwi returned last year through the drama Pegasus Market. In addition to starring in television series, he also existed in the world of cinema. Call it The Beauty Inside, Veteran, The Sound of a Flower, The Handmaiden, and Confidental Assignment.

Lee Dong Hwi participated in the dramas Gunman in Joseon, Divorce Lawyer Love, Reply 1988, Entourage, and Radiant Office.

6. Chen Du Ling

New Year Blues

Chen Du Ling is a Chinese actress, in the film she plays Yao Lin. His name came to be known after starring in The Left Ear. Previously, she also starred opposite Lay EXO in the drama Operation Love.

In addition, she also appeared in namiya films, Dream Breaker, The Twins, Hot Soup, and many more. The titles of the series include Another Me, Love in Flames of War, and Huan Xi Sha.

7. Yeom Hye Ran

New Year Blues

Yeom Hye Ran is a member of Yong Chan’s family. The senior actress starred in many films including Innocent Witness, Another Child, Juror 8, Kim Ji Young: Born 1982, and many more.

This year, she participated in the dramas Hospital Playlist, Mystic Pop-up Bar, SF8, and The Uncanny Counter. Yeom Hye Ran won the prestigious KBS Drama Awards 2019 for Best Support actress and Best Couple along with Oh Jung Se.

8. Choi so Young

New Year Blues

This SNSD girl group member plays Oh Wol. In addition to being busy promoting the film New Year Blues, he also participated in the new drama Run On. Since making her acting debut, Jung Kyung Ho’s lover has been prolific in film and drama.

This beautiful parased woman starred in Dating Agency: Cyrano, My Spring Days, Squad 38, Man in the Khitchen, Miss & Mrs. Cop, and many more.

9. Yoo Teo

New Year Blues

The Actor, born in Cologne, Germany, plays Rae Hwan. Yoo Teo has been loved by K-Drama fans since her role in Vegabond. Before his existence in South Korea, he had honed his acting skills abroad. He collaborated with independent film productions and theaters in New York.

Original owner Kim Si Hoon made her acting debut through The Actress, going on to star in films such as Love Fiction, Codename: Jack, One on One, You Call it Passion, and Vertigo.

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