Taemin SHINee Ready to Undergo Military Conscription At The End of Next May

Taemin SHINee Ready to Undergo Military Conscription At The End of Next May

Taemin SHINee has announced that he will begin conscription on May 31. This he expressed live in front of his fans during a live broadcast of V Live, Monday (19/4) night local time.

‘There’s more than a month left, so I don’t want to spend it sadly. I want to tell you in my own words directly,” Taemin said quoting from My Daily via Naver.

Taemin said he had many plans before leaving for conscription. One of them is holding a Beyond LIVE concert that will be broadcast through V Live on 2 May at 15:00 local time.

“I’m going to do Beyond LIVE on May 2. My solo album will come out in the second or third week of May,” said Taemin SHINee.

“The schedule of the album has not been confirmed. But I was able to perform a stunning performance and music before conscription,” he continued.

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Taemin SHINee solo concert tickets can be purchased from April 20 at 3:00 p.m. South Korean time via Naver V Live. In addition, ticket packages as well as merchandise can also be found on the SM Town website.

SHINENee himself previously released a repackaged album titled Atlantis and received considerable acclaim in various countries. Not only in South Korea, Atlantis also managed to perch at number one on the iTunes album chart in 26 countries.

This repackaged album topped the iTunes albums chart in Hong Kong, the United States, Mexico and Indonesia. In addition, the album also managed to become the first number one on the QQ Music chart, the most popular music streaming service in China.

Taemin SHINee last released a solo album last year titled Never going to Dance Again. It is Taemin’s fourth album since he started his solo project in 2016.

With Taemin gone to carry out the duties of the country, he will be the last member of SHINee to register for the wamil. Previously Onew, Key and Minho had already completed their conscription.

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