Taeyong NCT Forced to Rest Due to Back Injury

Taeyong NCT Forced to Rest Due to Back Injury

One of the south Korean boy band’s personnel, Taeyong NCT suffered a recent spinal injury. This caused him to have to temporarily vacuum from his group activities. Because of the back injury he requires the NCT leader to return to his health.

This makes Taeyong will not participate in the virtual concert ‘Beyond LIVE-NCT: RESONANCE’. According to nct concert schedule, it will be broadcast live via V Live on December 27, 2020 at 13.00 WIB.

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It is known that SM Entertainment has released an official statement on Thursday, (12/24/2020). Here is a statement related to Taeyong NCT which will be temporarily absent from its group activities as quoted from Soompi.


This is SM Entertainment.

Due to a herniated disk of a member of taeyong relapsing in his lower back, he will be absent from all upcoming schedules. Includes “Beyond LIVE-NCT:RESONANCE, Global Wave”.

We ask for the understanding of the fans and we will prioritize Taeyong’s treatment for recovery.


We hope that Teyong will recover quickly.”

As is well known, Taeyong NCT had suffered a back injury, which then relapsed and forced the idol to postpone his group activities. The news of Taeyong’s relapse was also enough to shock fans.

The fans are also saddened and worried about the condition of NCT members who are known to be cheerful and strong. Previously, not only Teyong NCT, Jisung NCT was also injured on November 4, 2020. This led him to take a break from a number of promotional activities in nct 2020 album, RESONANCE Pt.2. Reported from Soompi, SM Entertainment also stated that Jisung NCT could not actively participate in the album promotion due to injury.

Jisung suffered an injury to his knee while practicing choreography. From the diacosis of doctors, the knee condition of the youngest member of nct it is not possible to perform excessive movements, such as dancing. Therefore, Jisung decided not to take part in a promotional schedule involving stage action. However, at the moment his injuries have improved and he can rejoin his group to continue the album promotion. Hopefully Teyong NCT will get well soon.

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