Known as an Evil Character, Thanos Has a Unique Side Story

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Thanos is a supervillain who is in comic books and later published by Marvel Comics America ‘Avengers’. The character was created by artist and writer Jim Starlin assisted by Mike Friedrich. The fictional supervillain first appeared on The Invincible Iron Man #55 in February 1973.

It is told that he is the most powerful villain in the Marvel Universe and has clashed with many Marvel heroes such as Avengers, The Guardians of The Galaxy, Fantastic Four, X-Men and others. It is said that this character has a place of origin namely Titan and he has another name namely The Mad Titan.

Famously Powerful, It’s A Special Ability

Thanos characters are made as villains with superhuman abilities such as speed, agility, endurance and much longer lifespan. In addition he also has the super psychology of eternals with genius and is adept at making tactics. Combat is his area of expertise and he is also protected by plasma energy projection.

At the time of appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe he was portrayed by Damion Poitier in The Avengers 2012. It was then redrawn by Josh Brolin in Guardians of The Galaxy in 2014, Avengers of Ultron 2015, Infinity War 2018 and Avenger: End Game 2019 with shooting along with motion and sound. These villains also often appear in comic adaptations, animated television series, video games and arcades.

Many Are Curious, Where Does Thanos Come From?

Writer and artist Jim Starlin recounts his early thoughts on creating this animated character. The idea first came about during a psychology class at a college. He explained that he was going to college while doing U.S. military service and working for comic book, and there was also a psychic class.

Thanos Synonymous with Anger

Then he came and brought the idea of Thanos of Titan and Drax The Destroyer. But he felt less sure that the plot would be suitable. Then he thought that it would work out to be a good plot if presented with an angry character.

Afterwards, Starlin visits editor Roy Thomas and himself is increasingly convinced that this is an opportunity for him to perform a character role. Starlin previously felt that even the career he was starting would not last. But in fact it turned around and now the evil character who is able to bring the film to life with a thrilling conflict gets a decent position.

Before becoming publicly watched Thanos was a slightly thinner character. Until Roy the editor advised him to fix it to make his evil impression stronger. Starlin added it until he got bigger and looked stronger. Jim Starlin admits that the villain figure he created is inespable from the influence of Jack Kirby’s Darkseid. That Kirby finished the New Gods that Starlin thinks is great.

History of Thanos Appearance

His debut appeared in The Invincible Iron Man #55 1973 with jim starlin’s storyline and co-written with Mike Friedrich. The plot’s story scheme continues in the next story in Captain Marvel #25-33 which launches every by monthly. From 1973-1974. Among them are Marvel Feature, Daredevil and Avengers.

Thanos and His Superpowers

Then the villain reappears in the long lines of Strange Tales, Warlock, Marvel Team Up, 1977 Annuals for Avengers and Marvel Two-in-One. However this character does not appear until the end on Warlock #9. Then he was also again featured in the short story backup Logan’s Run #6 and had a bit of a role in the graphic novel Death of Captain Marvel.

In Silver Surfer vol. 3 #34, the character is revived and becomes an evil guest star until the #59. Meanwhile at the same time appeared The Thanos Quest #1-2 and The Infinity Gauntlet #1-6.

After his appearance in Spiderman #17 he took on his recurring role on Warlock and Infinity Watch #1-42. It was followed by crossover appearances in The Infinity War, Infinity Crusade, Silver Surfer, Warlock Chronicles, Namor The Sub-Mariner, Secret Defenders, Cosmic Powers and Cosmic Powers Unlimited.

The character also appeared in storylines connected to Ka-Zar, Ka-Zar Annual, X-Man and Hulk Annual before appearing in the Thor series. The character was also used in Captain Marvel vol. 4.

Until 2014 he was awarded an eponymous degree that applies for 12 issues. He also played leading roles in The Thanos Imperative: Ignition and The Thanos Imperative #1-6. Then it reappeared in Avengers Assemble. The character has been expanded in five miniseries published each month.

Biography of Thanos

The character was created as a character born on one of Saturn’s moons, Titan as the son of Eternal A’lars and Sul San. He has a brother named Eros. He was born with the Deviants gene and has a physical appearance like the eternals cousin race.

Thanos and His Intrigue-Filled Life

Fearing that one day he would become someone who would destroy the universe, Sul San tried to kill him but was blocked by A’lars. During school he became a pacifist and only played with Eros and his pets.

As a teenager, he was fascinated by nihilism and death until he fell in love with the Lady of Death. The more mature the power, the more. He tried to create a new life for himself by becoming the father of many children and a pirate.

Dissatisfied, he finally meets the Lady of Death and makes him decide to kill his descendants and pirate captains.

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