The Beginning of Afgan And Jackson Wang’s Introduction Before M.I.A. Release

The Beginning of Afgan And Jackson Wang's Introduction Before M.I.A. Release

Afgan and Jackson Wang collaborated to release a new song titled M.I.A. Single genre R&B and subtle trap is called to be one of Afgan’s dreams that come true because he can duet with musicians and rappers from Hong Kong.

“I am a big fan of Jackson Wang and he inspired me to develop. It all came from when we met backstage at one of the events in Seoul, South Korea, in 2019. We discussed the possibility to cooperate,” afgan said.

In 2019, Afgan was one of the guest stars at the VLive Awards V Hearbeat at gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul. The event was also enlivened by a number of K-pop idols, one of whom was the boy group where Jackson joined, GOT7. At that time, GOT7 performed the song You Calling My Name.

In a written statement, Jackson said they met for the first time at the 2019 event. Then communication continued over the phone to discuss the collaboration plan.

“We met in Korea and we talked a lot about music over the phone. We had a lot of fun to play together,” Jackson said.

According to him, Afgan is an outstanding artist, he also immediately praised M.I.A when sent by Afgan some time ago.

“Personally, I feel this is perfect and very gentle. Everyone should listen to it,” Jackson told GOT7.

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Afgan himself was an M.I.A. at EMPIRE studios in the US and performed separately with Jackson Wang’s recordings. In addition, their video clip shots were also shot separately.

“Shooting time was great and I’m grateful Jackson took time out from his hectic schedule to join shadtoto Prasetio’s klim video,” he said.

Therefore, Afgan hopes to show directly the results of his collaboration with Jackson in one occasion. M.I.A is a song written by Benny Mayne and Emily Vaughn and produced by Tha Aristocrats. This song tells about the belief of a person who will not go from a figure he loves and will remain by his side.

Previously, through uploads on social media Instagram, the singer who is rumored to be close to Rossa is very excited and can’t wait to release the song. Actually, the song has been prepared long enough and kept secret for a long time, the release was also delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also admitted that he can’t wait to share his song with many people, especially the fans and of course Jackson Wang.

“We’ve been keeping this a secret for quite a long time. We finished it 1 year ago then the pandemic and we deposited it in 1 year. But now it’s time!,” he said.

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