The K2: An Intrigue-Packed Drama Of Interest

The K2: An Intrigue-Packed Drama Of Interest

The K2 is a South Korean television series released in 2016 that attracted many K-Drama fans from Indonesia. At that time, the television series played by Ji Chang-wook, the cast of Backstreet Rookie and Lim Yun-ah aired on tvN every Friday and Saturday at 8 pm. Since the film is present in the community, everyone is always waiting for the airing hours because they do not want any scenes to be missed.

Korean dramas filled with intrigue about love and politics make this story even more exciting and interesting. Thus making anyone who follows his story from the beginning continues to want to know how it goes. Coupled with the way the great artists play, the audience drifts away from the story.

In addition, the film based on Jang Hyuk-rin’s writing became the first Korean television drama to present the first Bullet Time effect. The number of actions in some parts such as taekwondo fights, aikido and jujitsu adds to the fun of the story.

Main People and Supporters In K2

Main People and Supporters In K2
Main People and Supporters In K2

The people behind The K2 have entrusted the top performers to play each of the characters. Where the main character is Ji Chang-wook who plays Kim Je-Ha is good when it comes to being a fugitive because of slander at the beginning of the story. Later, for his co-star there is Im Yoon-ah playing Go An-na who is the son of an affair between a famous former star and a presidential candidate.

Finally, there is Song Yoon-ah as the wife of a presidential candidate who is known to be anti-tolerant and Jo Sung-ha as her presidential candidate. In playing roles they complement each other and perfect so as to produce an extraordinarily interesting drama series. However, the success of the play is not separated from the great err of several supporting roles and enhancers.

So, in making a writing into a play is carefully prepared so that each scene looks natural. Just as targeted the filmmakers must have wanted all the audience to get carried away and as if everything that was watched was really happening.

The K2 Filming in Spain

The K2 Filming in Spain
The K2 Filming in Spain

Not only in Korea, filming of The K2 was also done in several countries including Spain. The first characters to appear after the first script reading of the scene in Spain were Ji Chang Wook and Yoona. However, between the two great players it was both awkward because they had never previously been involved in the same drama series.

Seeing such conditions, the director insists that the two players immediately familiarize themselves so that when playing the scene can appear to merge. Ji Chang Wook claims that he is actually a shy figure.

Because the two are confused about what to do in order to get familiar, finally this actor born in 1987 has an initiative. By inviting him for coffee and chatting in one of the cafes in Spain. For the idea, finally the two main characters can get along and get to know each other better. No wonder when they play the role of chemistry as if they’ve known each other for a few years.

The K2 Movie Conflict


The K2 drama series does have a romance action theme, but the conflict in the story is also about politics. It’s the same with other dramas that are largely out of the question of politics and influence the main character’s love story. The conflict presented in this Korean film is complicated, even if the audience misses a few scenes alone is definitely confused.

However, if the audience can enjoy each plot without missing a bit then they will get carried away with the conflict that the cast is experiencing. Such is the greatness of a film that is readily presented and presented as purely as possible. Being ready to sedated viewers and keep looking forward to the next episode is an achievement for the person behind the film.

The only person who often experiences conflict in his life is Ji Chang wook as Kim Je Ha. Here he must prove to everyone that he is innocent in previous military cases. Since then Kim Je Ha has had to deal with all the more severe problems.

Story Synopsis

In this series, Kim Je Ha is a former mercenary from PMC Blackstone. However, when he went to Iraq instead stumbled upon the murder of his lover named Raniya. Due to this problem, he eventually decided to flee back to South Korea and was designated a fugitive.

Coincidentally at that time he got an offer to be a bodyguard of Choi Yoo-jin. He was forced to accept the offer by asking for the necessary resources. The goal is to get revenge on the other presidential candidates.

In the process of his vengeance, all manner of things were done by Jim Je Ha. In the midst of his efforts in retaliation, he meets someone who makes him fall in love. Increasingly, he had to make efforts to pay for his grudges and maintain his new found love.

From the synopsis alone has been drawn how the storyline of the drama series The K2. The excitement of conflict, action and love stories is collaborated into one story that makes the audience sad, angry, upset and happy. All of that follows the scenes shown by the players.

A film is considered successful if it keeps the audience from getting bored and looking forward to the continuation of the play. That’s what this Korean drama series shows. Where everyone hasn’t been able to move on from the journey of his story.

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