One of the sharpest jabs of the ‘The Voice’ season features Brayden Lape calling out Gwen Stefani

One of the sharpest jabs of the 'The Voice' season features Brayden Lape calling out Gwen Stefani

Brayden Lape of Team Blake Shelton sang “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw as the first of his two songs on the season 22 The Voice finale. He dedicated it to his community, which he said has supported him throughout his life. Remember, he’s only 16 years old.

When it came time to give feedback on his performance, coach Gwen Stefani began by saying, “I was thinking what would I say because I thought I was your No. 1 fan on the show.”

She took a brief break, and Brayden, a one-chair turn, interrupted her by remarking, “So why didn’t you turn?”

Gwen, visibly upset, asked, “What are you talking about? I’m not sure. I will say this even though I can’t recall that far in the past. Since the beginning, I have always believed that you possess a unique quality. even beyond the voice. I just can’t place it, but I was right about this one thing. You’ve made it to the finals, see.

Parade had the opportunity to speak with Brayden after the program and inquired into his thoughts regarding his confrontation of Gwen.

He continued, “One of my buddies reached out to me after the event last week and told me that I should have stated it at one point. So, this week, I just waited for her to say, “I’m such a big fan,” so I could play with her. I want to play around and have fun with everyone up there. I figured that would be a nice chance to play around with her a little.

Brayden continued after that in a more modest tone. “Up till now, the voyage has been amazing. Although I am incredibly grateful for everything, sometimes you just have to have some fun.

But how did he discover that she was funny?

He defended himself by saying, “If she’s liking Blake, she does.”

The fact that Blake had been playing pranks on Brayden prior to his performance in his clip package and had adjusted his microphone stand so tightly that Brayden was unable to adjust it to his height is the ideal illustration of what he meant when he said that. Brayden realized that his coach was playing a joke on him because he is 6 feet tall and Blake had lowered the mike to a child’s height. Due to this, he did a turnaround with Blake’s wife simply because he believed it to be fair play.

On The Voice, Brayden had his second and last competitive performance of “Wild as Her” by Cory Kent.

The two-hour event, which begins at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC and features guest appearances from Kane Brown, Karol G, Kelly Clarkson, Maluma, One Republic, Adam Lambert, BRELAND, and last year’s winner, Girl Named Tom, will conclude with the announcement of The Voice’s winner.

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