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The World of the Married 2

The World of the Married set a new record in South Korean television with an anti-mainstream hit. Since its first episode, the drama has been in first place, having previously hi, Bye Mama! also attracts a lot of netizens.

Even recently TWOM won several prestigious awards. The lead performer was named best actress in a Baeksang Award. What’s the appeal that TWOM is trying to offer to the audience?

The World of the Married Cast

Not many people know that TWOM was adapted from the British television series Doctor Foster. The writer greatly appreciates the success of the cast and crew of the play. Raising the theme of conflicting families, infidelity, and separation is in fact able to capture the public’s attention. The play really gives a clear picture of how devastated a family is by the betrayal of one party.

Several artists are portrayed as the main characters in the drama. Their acting was judged to be riveting and managed to play the emotions of the audience, especially Kim Hee-Ae. This senior artist plays doctor Ji Sun-Woo who is the main character as well as the wife of Lee Tae-Oh (Park Hae-Joon). Both have strong chemistry as husband and wife.

The World of The Married Cast Selected with Long Casting
The World of The Married Cast Selected Through Long Casting

From a marriage that has been going on for years, Ji Sun-Woo and Lee Tae-Oh have a son named Lee Joon-Kyung (Jeon Jin-Seo). The actual infidelity scene has emerged from the first episode of The World of the Married. The character Yeon Da-Kyung, played by Han So-Hee, has also been in the audience spotlight.

The storyline itself seems very fast as if the audience is not given time to breathe. Nonetheless, the drama is really interesting to follow from start to last episode. Especially with the emergence of some supporting players.

For example, park sun-young as Ko Ye-Rim, Kim Young-Min as Son Je-Hyuk, Chae Gook-Hee as Sul Myung-Sook, Lee Moo-Saeng as Kim Yoon-Ki, and Sim Eun-Woo as Min Hyun-Seo. Several other senior artists were chosen to play supporting characters, namely Kim Sun-Kyung and Lee Kyoung-Young as Yeon Da-Kyung’s parents.

The World of the Married Household Twists

At the beginning of the episode, The World of the Married emphasizes the happy married life between Ji Sun-Woo and Lee Tae-Oh. Their relationship seemed so harmonious that an incident sparked Sun-Woo’s suspicions. Unwittingly, Tae-Oh has an affair scandal with Da-Kyung. This relationship was known to their friends, such as Je-Hyuk, Ye-Rim, and Myung-Sook.

Infidelity Leads to Divorce

In order to prove her prejudices right, Sun-Woo tries to trace her husband’s infidelity. In the midst of this effort, he is reunited with Hyun-Seo who is his patient. Hyun-Seo helps Sun-Woo uncover Tae-Oh and Da-Kyung’s affair. He pretends to approach Da-Kyung by becoming his neighbor.

Tae-Oh’s affair presents a dilemma in Sun-Woo’s heart. On the one hand, she intends to defend her household and forgive her husband. The child is the main reason for the choice. Over time, the desire to part ways with Tae-Oh grew stronger. Because, the husband’s relationship with Da-Kyung doesn’t really end.

Da-Kyung is also known to be pregnant when Sun-Woo is beset by concerns. At its peak, Sun-Woo divulged Tae-Oh and Da-Kyung’s affair to Da-Kyung’s parents. Previously, Sun-Woo had a chance to catch her husband’s infidelity when the in-laws died. The family affair conflict also involves Sun-Woo’s revenge. She used Je-Hyuk to find out her husband’s financial condition and the company he owned.

New Round of Feuds After Divorce

After divorcing, Tae-Oh decides to marry Da-Kyung. They chose to move to Seoul and start a new career. Two years later, Tae-Oh’s career has sped up thanks to the help of his in-laws who are known to be successful entrepreneurs. He chose to resettle in Gosan with his wife and children. Unfortunately, the move sparked a new conflict with Sun-Woo.

Da Kyung Becomes The Talk of Gosan Citizens in The World if The Married
The Life of Da Kyung and the Citizens of Gosan in The World of The Married

The divorce doesn’t just make Sun-Woo and Tae-Oh’s relationship end. On the child’s grounds, Tae-Oh terrorizes Sun-Woo with the help of In-Kyu. Starting with this revenge, Sun-Woo and Tae-Oh realize each other’s feelings. Are the two back together or staying apart? Family conflicts and couples’ relationships are clearly drawn from the drama The World of the Married. Here, it is clear how strongly Sun-Woo faces the twists and turns of domestic life.

Life Lessons from The World of the Married

Although just a drama, The World of the Married actually teaches the audience a lot. Each character shows a very sweet struggle for life and conflict resolution. No one even seems selfish or unrealistic at all. Here are some life lessons to share:

1. Let Go Of Much More Peace

From the beginning of Tae-Oh’s affair, Sun-Woo intends to take revenge. Not only does he intend to destroy Tae-Oh and Da-Kyung, he also wants to see friends who know the relationship suffer.

Unfortunately, Sun-Woo is unaware of the effects of the action. Not only does he feel the discomfort of living life, but the child. Joon-Kyung must go through a hateful and reclusive adolescence. In the end, Sun-Woo had to lose to realize all of these things.

2. The Importance of Managing Family Finances

As a couple, we shouldn’t entrust financial problems to either party. This is evidenced by Tae-Oh who can be able to reduce the cost of the child’s education. For his ambition to build a production house and finance his personal life, he used the money without Sun-Woo’s approval. When filing for divorce, Sun-Woo discovered the surprising fact, because he found no savings left.

3. The Importance of The Presence of People Nearby

No one knows how a relationship will end. Is it fun or vice versa? Something that looks perfect, turns out to have weaknesses. Sun-Woo and Tae-Oh’s harmonious marriage is apparently shrouded in the scandal of her husband’s infidelity. Despite his inadvertent start, Tae-Oh is instead plunged into the wrong relationship. Interestingly, Sun-Woo and the child’s relationship is not very close. When she divorced, the child found it difficult to entrust things to Sun-Woo.

High ratings prove The World of the Married deserves to be both a spectacle and a guide. However, the play is recommended for viewers aged 17+ and over. Therefore, it is necessary for maturity to accept scenes of violence as well as conflict between its characters.

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