This Is Chung Ha’s Impression on Rich Brian

Chung Ha's Impression on Rich Brian

South Korean soloist Chung Ha recently shared her filming experience with Rich Brian on the DIVE Studios podcast. The beautiful singer revealed her impression of rich Brian to the podcast’s host, Eric Nam. Chung Ha praises Rich Brian as a funny and fun guy.

Duet Chung Ha And Rich Brian

Duet Chung Ha And Rich Brian
Duet Chung Ha And Rich Brian

Previously, it was known that Chung Ha and Rich Brian had collaborated on a song called “These Nights”. Chung Ha said that Brian was a kind and funny person as well as a good co-worker.

The “Dream of You” singer also told about one of the interesting moments while filming. Where the CEO of 88rising is Sean asked him to dance on the bike. He also said that the making of the music video was done in Indonesia, which is Rich Brian’s home country. For him, the moment of shooting a video clip in Indonesia with the American director became a moment that he could not forget in his life.

After his duet with Rich Brian was a success, Chung Ha also joined the 88rising label to expand his career internationally. He also became the first K-Pop artist to join the label. As a first step in joining the international music industry, id released an English single titled “Dream of You”. The song was successfully sung with DJ Fadil El Ghoul or better known as R3HAB.

Rich Brian Interesting Facts

Rich Brian Interesting Facts
Rich Brian Interesting Facts

His name is now known throughout the world, but who would have thought if he debuted as a rapper from a young age. Here’s an interesting fact about Brian Imanuel Soewarno that is a pity to miss.

Career In the United States Since Age 17

At a very young age, he has joined the entertainment world. Rich Brian left for the United States to join 88rising for a career in music. Despite having to compete with hundreds of the best and highest quality rappers. However, he proved that he is also capable of being accepted on the international stage. In fact, nowadays his concert tickets are always ludes bought by his fans.

Being Yourself

One of the hardest to accept in the entertainment world is being yourself that many people can accept. Brian Imanuel has his own talents and style that is typical of his music. It is also still maintained loh, even he looks more developed.

Keeping Kulitas a Priority

Being a famous tapper, of course not only has a lot of fans, but also haters. Perhaps, many people regret that the lyrics made by Brian contain harsh words. Moreover, after President Joko Widodo invited him to the State Palace. But it seems that Brian did not take the headache of it, he proved that his work is of quality. As evidence, he was successfully featured in one of the LEDs in Times Square, USA.

Apart from the controversy and the pros and cons of whether rich brian figure should be used as a role model by young people or not. However, we need to agree that his works are among the best in the world. In addition, rap songs do have such, biasnaya rap songs have a unique rhythm and flow and certainly become its own characteristic.

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