Fans Excited, B.I. Appears on Epic High’s 10th Album

Kim Han Bin epic high

Legendary South Korean Hip Hop Group Epik High is preparing a comeback for its 10th album. Their return to entertainment will be spectacular. Tableau and friends collaborated with a number of big musicians.

Not long ago, through a personal social media account, Tablo announced that Kim Han Bin or known as B.I participated in the latest album project. Sontak cyberspace was stirred by the emergence of the former leader of iKON.

Tablo’s post, which also included photos of G.Soul, CL, Heize, Zico, Nucksal, Kim Sawol, Woo, Changmo, Miso, and B.I, received a standing ovation from fans. Not even 24 hours, more than 15 thousand comments responded to the return of B.I. in the entertainment world.

B.I’s involvement in epik high’s latest album is the first comeback in the music industry. Fans are curious, will this be a new beginning for this talented songwriter?

B.I.’s Unexpected News During Hiatus

Since announcing his exit from iKON in June 2019, B.I has been swallowed up by the earth. He doesn’t even broadcast on Vlive and instagram personally. The idol’s actions worried fans.

A wide variety of hashtags in support of B.I are roaming Instragram and Twitter. Fans, especially IKONIC, hope that their idols will rise up and return to work.

Despite his hiatus, Kim Han Bin is still productive. This certainly makes the fans admire his figure even more.

While not entirely open, here are some of the things B.I. did during the vacuum, successfully making fans melt away.

1. Once Deleted All Posts and Privacy Instagram Account

Epic High, Kim Han Bin

Long time no public appearance, B.I. deleted some of the photos on his personal Instagram. There is no exception to the post with iKON members and the resignation letter uploaded on June 12, 2019. B.I.’s actions were trending on Twitter, fans expressed happiness because his idol seemed fine.

Not long after, fans were once again shocked by B.I’s suddenly empty Instagram. The rapper deleted all posts and all demo songs on Soundcloud. He also privacyd his personal social media accounts. Ikonic sontak made sad and worried.

3. Creating Two Demo Songs

Kim Han Bin

The issue of the idol’s return to the music world santer among the fans. This news is reinforced by the code provided by Lag_5gam, the Instagram account of the B.I. family-owned perfume shop.

This news is increasingly being discussed because B.I is allegedly preparing a new song using a set of recording tools from Chinese fans.

On January 2, 2020, the issue was revealed through a song that B.I uploaded through his personal Soundcloud account. Twitter was buzzing with the hashtag WelcomebackKimHanBin.

A few months later, on March 8, 2020, B.I. uploaded a new song that lasted more than a minute. The song was released after he was declared negative for psychotropic substances. As before, it is also trending on Twitter including Indonesia.

3. Join Charity Activities for Covid-19 Affected Residents

Epic High, Kim Han Bin

Since joining iKON, B.I. is known as a person who has high solidarity. Proven by his appearance at a charity event for people affected by Covid-19. Reportedly, he donated about 2.3 billion.

Once again, IKONIC was made proud by his idol, for jumping directly at a charity event and donating a number of masks. In the short video, B.I appears to encourage by voicing slogans with his colleagues.

B.I. did good not just to cover up the drug scandal that befell him. Previously, Kim Han Byul’s older brother allegedly bought marijuana and LSD from Han Seo Hee in April 2016 – May 2016.

Since the beginning of the year B.I. has donated 10,000 face masks to Chinese fans, and 50,000 face masks to fans of the world. Some fans distributed the face masks to child welfare organizations.

April 2020, B.I. delivers 1000 masks through Angel’s Heaven for Children. One of the organization’s administrators stated that he had started doing charity work since November 2019.

According to some sources, B.I often visited orphanages before debuting as an iKON member. According to one of the administrators, he often comes at any time without prior scheduling.

4. Announced as CEO of IOK Company

Announced as CEO of IOK Company

At the end of 2020, fans were once again excited because Kim Han Bin’s name was included in the line-up of prospective executive directors of IOK Company, the agency that houses Jo In Sung, Go Hyun Jung, Lee Young Ja, Kim Sook, Jang Yoon Jung, Moon Hee Jun, and other top celebrities.

After facing a case that dragged his name to the fore, B.I officially served as executive director of IOK Company on September 28, 2020.

The agency supported B.I. as a music producer, the reason being that his talent for making songs was unquestionable. According to some sources, before serving as executive director, the idol’s name was included in the ranks of young celebrities with the highest incomes.

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