Through New Song ‘Butter’, BTS Seeks Grammys To Set New Record On YouTube

Through New Song 'Butter', BTS Seeks Grammys To Set New Record On YouTube

South Korean star BTS will perform at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) after the release of ‘Butter’. Suga says the first performance is always interesting but thrilling. Suga also said bbmas are a very meaningful awards show for his group.

“So, I am glad we were able to perform our first performance (‘Butter’) there,” suga said as reported from Soompi, Saturday (5/22/2021).

When asked if BTS was aiming for a Grammy Award with his new song, Suga did not dispute the desire.

“I don’t think we can express it that we don’t think about it,” he said.

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He said BTS still wanted to win a Grammy. That’s why BTS accepted the challenge. The same thing was also said voiced by RM, leader boy grop K-Pop.

“I hope there will be the best results. We want to do everything in our power to get challenged,” rm said.

Regarding the plans in the near future, the BTS leader explained that the group wanted to introduce ‘Butter’ better to music fans. Then, they will prepare Festa, which is bts’ debut anniversary.

“Because of the current situation (pandemic), kasi is already preparing to interact with fans more closely. So I hope everyone waits for him,” RM said.

BTS’s ‘Butter’ Sets New Record On Youtube

Just 20 minutes since its release, BTS’s ‘Butter’ music video has been watched more than 10 million times. Reportedly, this achievement surpassed the achievement of their previous music video ‘Dynamite’. Fans also filled the comments field, ranging from choreography, bts member-worn clothes, to changing hairdos.

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Written by RM and several US songwriters such as Sebastian Garcia, Alez Bilowitz, Stephen Kirk, Rob Grimaldi, and Jenna Andrews, it was prepared as a light song as well as easy listening.

“It’s soft like butter, which really melts and grips you,” Jimin said.

Due to his easy-to-listen songs, Jungkook hopes ‘Butter’ can accompany listeners to enjoy the summer.

“‘Butter’ is very simple. Now the weather has warmed up and it’s getting hotter. And we hope you can enjoy a nice summer with BTS,” jungkook said.

For information, bts new song is the second song for this Kpop group whose lyrics are all in English and dance-pop genre. In addition to breaking Youtube records, BTS’s ‘Butter’ also topped the iTunes #1 in 80 countries and is now the fastest song to reach that position.

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