Through The Role of Second Lead, These 5 Actors Are More Popular than the Main Cast

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Fans of Korean dramas are certainly no strangers to the main character appearing as a third person, otherwise referred to as second lead. Many of the audience was stunned by the charm of the supporting cast.

No wonder many are exposed to second lead syndrome,more inclined lead actors to end up happy with the supporting cast.

Having captivating visuals and excellent acting, this is the cast of second leads who managed to make fans drakor baper.

Lee Jae Wook

Lee Jae Wook

Despite playing the antagonist in Extraordinary You (2019), Lee Jae Wook gained popularity. The second leadcharacter, Baek Kyung is still attached to him to this day.

Lee Jae Wook began his acting career as a supporting actor through the drama Memories of the Alhambra (2018). One year later, he appeared in the film The Battle of Jangsari (2019) playing a student soldier.

The actor, who is under the auspices of VAST Entertainment, has been widely discussed since he was paired with Lee Da Hee in Search: WWW (2019). This actor and actress got married in the real world because of the strength of building chemistry. In fact, the age of the two is very far away.

Lee Jae Wook managed to get the lead role in the drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (2020). Again, she was paired with an actress who was old-schooled from herself.

Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho

Starting her career as a musical actor, Kim Soen Ho is now known globally. This success was achieved after playing the character Han Ji Pyeong in the drama Start-Up (2020).

Kim Soen Ho appeared in various advertisements, even managed to become a cover boy in one of the famous magazines. Not only that, he also received an offer to join a new drama project.

Previously, Kim Seon Ho appeared in supporting roles in the dramas 100 Days My Prince (2018), Welcome to Waikiki (2019), Catch the Ghost (2019), Find Me in Your Memory (2020), and many more.

Since first exploring the world of television, her acting skills have attracted the attention of many. As a newcomer, he won prestigious awards, such as 36th MBC Drama Awards 2017: Best New Actor and 31st KBS Drama Awards 2017: Best New Actor.

In 2020, Kim Seon Ho won awards at the Asia Arts Awards in the category of Best Emoticon and Asia Model Festival in the category of Model Star Awards.

Hwang In Yeop

Hwang In Yeop - second lead

Twice playing the second lead karater actually made Hwang In Yeop more popular. In fact, he earned a first lead role from Sport World.

Hwang In Yeop plays a character who is in the main cast’s love circle, as in the dramas 18 Again (2020) and True Beauty (2020).

This handsome chord started her career as a model since 2017. Acting debut through web drama Why (2018). After that, he also appeared in Freshman (2019). In the same year, Hwang In Yeop started to join the television project, The tale of Nokdu (2019).

At first, Hwang In Yeop didn’t think about jumping further into the world of acting. A love of fashion made her want to focus on her career as a model. However, reality says otherwise, he is now gaining success as an actor.

The 30-year-old was educated at the Nikkei Jin Kai Philippines International School in Davao. Graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Fashion in 2012. While at school, he used the English name, Ryan Leon.

Jung Hae In

Jung Hae In second lead

This famous South Korean actor is known for his talent for acting and visually appealing. His success was also gained from the role of the second lead character in the drama.

Jung Hae In earned a place in the hearts of viewers since playing the policeman who falls in love with the lead role in While You Were Sleeping (2017).

Jung Hae In’s acting debut as an actor was marked through Bride of the Century (2014). After that, he often appeared in several drama titles, such as Prison Playbook (2017), Something in the Rain (2018), One Spring Night (2019), Half of a Half (2020), and many more.

Jung Hae In won 3 categories of awards at the 3rd Asia Artist Awards 2018, namely Artist of the Year, Asia Talent, and Best Movie.

Go Kyung Po

Go Kyung Po - drama actor

Has a lot of fans because it has a cute image and boyfriend material,in fact Gong Kyung Po always suffers by falling in love unilaterally in some dramas.

The actor, who started his career in 2010, has gained popularity since starring in Reply 1988 (2015). He returned to success after portraying second lead characters in Jealousy Incarnate (2016) and Chicago Typewriter (2017).

Go Kyung Po has starred in many dramas, such as Operation Proposal (2012), Warm and Cozy (2015), Strongest Deliveryman (2017), Cross (2018), Private Lives, and many more.

Meanwhile, the big screen stars include Horror Story 2 (2013), The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014), Coin Locker Girl (2015), The Treacherous (2015), and Seven Years of Night (2018).

In 2016, Go Kyung Po was awarded the 24th SBS Drama Awards 2016: New Star.

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