Touch Your Heart, Romantic Drama is so touching to watch

Touch Your Heart, The Comeback of Two Romantic Couples

Touch Your Heart became a drama re-played by Lee Dong Wook and In Ha after they had previously played together. The pair’s second meeting made it even better to bring the chemistry together between Dong Wook and In Ha.

Even fans of korean dramas are waiting for the two to act again. In general both are very clever and have a qualified acting quality in this film.

Touch Your Heart Drama At A Glance

Touch Your Heart

The drama, based on the novel, tells the story of a lawyer who works in a perfectionist with a top artist named Oh Yoon Seo or In Ha.

To explore his role as a lawyer, Dong Wook asked the writer to intern at a law firm. In the story, jung rok or Dong Wook’s character is serious, cool, and independent. Yoon Seo (In Ha) has fun, ambitious, and cheerful characters.

From the characters presented they look like a couple who are easy to fight and hard to get along with each other. Yoon Seo’s presence is unacceptable to Jung Rok, which makes him annoyed and always angry. As the drama progresses the cat-cat scene then subsides after each is familiar with its true nature. With different backgrounds and unique characters make this drama look quite interesting.

In the first episode when it aired, it became the highest rated drama among other dramas. This is because the carrying of each role is fun and light and certainly something adorable for the audience.

In this drama in general and the summary of the story is like telling both couples who initially hated being in love. The success of the drama also juxtaposes conflicts in each episode to 16 episodes.

The Interesting Thing About Touch Your Heart Drama

The Interesting Thing About Touch Your Heart Drama
The Interesting Thing About Touch Your Heart Drama

It premiered on February 6, making it the highest-rated drama in the world. Tom And Jerry’s scene between Jung Rok and Yoon Seo once made who watched the drama an echo. And it is an interesting thing between them. In addition the interesting things of this drama are as follows.

Comeback Yoo In Ha

After a two-year vacuum, Yoon In Ha returned to acting and had a role in the film. Yoon In Ha’s last film was Goblin in 2017, which almost got the audience into the storyline.

The success of acting in the play brought fans longing until he played the role back in the film. during the filming process he felt excited and very happy. In Ha confessed that he experienced the happiest thing during the filming process of the film.

Unconserable in acting, In Ha is very good at playing roles. The result is a film that he plays very well and makes the audience dissolve into the storyline. The story, which takes place in 16 episodes, brings great success to him.

Best Director

Based on the web story of the novel written by Yegeo, the film is directed by Park Joon-Hwa. Joon-Hwa himself is a very reliable director in korean film or drama. Some of the films he has directed have reaped a lot of resounding success by the audience.

The films include Because This Is My First Life, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, da Let’s Eat. All the plays he directed have received a lot of good response from the highest-rated public.

Joon-Hwa also hopes that the film he is working on becomes a film that can be enjoyed by the public. According to him, the purpose of making this play is to touch the hearts of the audience. So that the hearts of the audience can be channeled through this drama.

The Latest Collaboration Between The Two Players

The Latest Collaboration Between The Two Players
The Latest Collaboration Between The Two Players

As it is well known that in goblin films both perform acting with satisfactory results. The longing for both by their fans brought a fresh breeze when the two were re-paired.

Korean drama lovers were infatuated when it was announced that they would be returning to the screen. The two seem edgy despite playing two opposing characters. But it did make the audience’s hearts go out. Until the drama reached the highest ratings when it first aired. What an amazing thing about the couple.

ExcellentLy Constructed Chemistry

With director Joon Hwa, the cast plays a unique and sweet character. The chemistry they built was very successful and not inferior to korean romantic drama. In addition, this unique carrying is interspersed with a comedy scene between Yoon Seo and the Lawyer, Jung Rok.

Joon Hwa Sang Sutradara said he was confident the two would provide a convincing and successful look at the film. Not only did the director judge, the crew in charge also gave their opinion sing very well.

What to Learn From Touch Your Heart Drama

For fans of korean drama can certainly see the character that each player brings. This makes drakor fans can certainly judge well what can be taken from the film.

First, the two couples in the film touch your heart are very committed when it comes to romance. This is seen when they help each other when they run into trouble. Second, give each other concern between Yoon Seo and Jung Rok. This is seen when they show each other love through the attention given.

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