300K sales, Stray Kids is increasingly popular

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Stray Kids is back with an update that wows fans with its incredible achievements. They have been thrilled since a month ago that their latest EP will be released in September 2020. As evidenced by the sale of their new album, in the pre-order period the album “In Line” managed to reach the latest record.

That sales managed to reach a huge amount, even greater than on the previous album. That’s more than 300,000 copies since its release on September 14.

That way they are declared to have achieved their own record. Since its release last month, Go’s album God’s Menu as the title track has sold 250,000 copies. Another surprising update is about the album In Line, which will consist of 17 signature tracks, Back Door.

It turns out that the song is the result of several Stray Kids personnel namely Bang Chan who is known as the chairman of the member, Changbin, as well as Han. The three of them are often referred to as 3RACHA. Even in the repackaged album they did not forget some of the resulting songs from the three personnel. One of them is titled “We Go”, also previously performed by 3RACHA.

History of Boygroup Stray Kids Debut

History of Boygroup Stray Kids Debut
History of Boygroup Stray Kids Debut

Previously, the boygroup also started from a talent search event that was later officially debuted by JYP Entertaiment. In 2017, JYP Entertaiment made the official announcement that it would launch its debut male idol group event after previous success with 2PM. Then the event was released the following month in October, with a music video titled Hellevator which was also performed by the participants.

It turns out that the show is also called Stray Kids, where the konsestan who fought for the idol’s debut is those who are now one grub. Although there were previously two trainees eliminated, jype decided on stray kids debut with 9 members. So all those who participated in the talent search got away.

After their official debut, they then released an EP titled “I Am Not” along with a music video from the lead single titled “District 9”. While on the music video titled “Grow Up” was released afterwards, on March 31.

More precisely for both albums as much as six days after the release of District 9. Then for the album titled “Mirror” was released on March 23.

Then for their first appearance on April 14 abroad. After the boygroup debuted by participating in the Knon Japan event in 2018. Yang where the event was held on October 5, at Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Palace.

Along with the release of the third EP titled I Am Who. Also the lead single “My Pace” was released the next day.

In early October JYP Entertaiment announced a second showcase titled on Stray Kids Unveil I Am You. That will take place on October 21 and be followed by the release of their third EP yant headlined on I Am You the following day.

Interesting Facts About Them

Interesting Facts About Them
Interesting Facts About Them

The first interesting thing about Stray Kids’ EP “I Am Not”. The album debuted at number four on the Gaon Album Chart and sold 54,000 copies in March.

Then they toured the world around 13 cities in 10 countries. Held in January, February, April, May, July, August, and September. The next news was announced by JYP Entertaiment that they will release another fourth on March 25. With a new EP called Cle 1: Miroh, while celebrating the one year anniversary since Stray Kids debuted.

They were awarded the first weekly music event trophy. It was on April 4 on the M Countdown show.

Stray Kids Boygroup Members

Stray Kids

The band debuted with 9 members including Bang Chan, Seungmin, Felix, Jeongin, Jisung, Hyun-jin, Chang-bin, Woojin, and also Minho. The short biodata about them first originated from Woojin, who had the real name Kim Wo Jin.

Born in 1997 in Daejon, South Korea, he had previously been training at SM Entertaiment for a year. That was before he decided to move to JYP Entertaiment. Woojin is also among the oldest personnel in this boygroup.

The next personnel is Bang Chan, real name Cristopher Bang. It turns out he’s multitalented, ranging from his proficiency in cooking and language. He speaks Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English. Nevertheless, the next personnel is also no less cool and talented than Bang Chan. The owner of lee min ho’s real name turned out to have a talent other than singing.

His hobby of choreographing, and making the film turned out to be interesting. Then there’s Chang-bin, who JY Park says is one of the best trainees during the 2017 showcase.

Hyun-jin is one of the most popular trainees among women. While Han Ji Sung is minded not to be one of the personnel in this grub, he will choose to be a producer. Then there’s Felix, another fact of which is that as a child he always won martial arts.

There are still two more personnel, namely Seungmin and Yang Jeong Jin. Seungmin also has gastronomy, as well as his desire to be a photographer or prosecutor if not a member of this grub. Yang Jeong Jin turned out to have been a model since childhood, even himself also a piano player.

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