TREASURE Dominates the iTunes Chart For “I Love You”

TREASURE ITunes Chart Domination After I Love You Release

TREASURE is one of the K-Pop groups that has lately become the talk of many K-Pop music lovers. The group formed from YG Entertainment such as BIGBANG immediately soared because it was under the management of established artists.

Alongside one management with Big Bang, Blackpink, iKon, the group immediately succeeded every time they performed their single. The 12 members turned out to be compact together while on stage.

In 9 Countries, The Album Topped the Charts

Being a Korean K Pop Group is not long ago a challenge for TREASURE to continue to exist in the world of K Pop. Being in the management of famous artists made him driven to spread his wings to keep it global. This was proven by treasure’s song I Love You which immediately galvanized the iTunes Chart.

Through the album “The First Step: Chapter Two”, the song topped the iTunes charts in 9 Countries. These countries include Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The song was a success for the Kpop group and managed to galvanize k pop music lovers because of the trending on YouTube Indonesia.

In addition to being at the top of iTunes, the song also reached chart position in some Japanese music. The Japanese online music is Rakuten Music and Line Music.

Achievements Achieved by TREASURE

Achievements Achieved by TREASURE
Achievements Achieved by TREASURE

The talk of this K Pop group is endless. In addition to the good-looking that each member has, the group also achieves quite a lot. The above is a recent achievement so proud of this K-Pop group. However, there are many other things that this group prides itself on.

TREASURE Becomes The Only K-Pop Group on Billboard

The Billboard chart ranks the most active artists based on social media accounts around the world. Through their popular social media accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and VEVO provide special graphics. Based on the number of new followers of artists on social media they give a view of the score. Through their official website in the form of videos and web that can be accessed by all communities.

KPop TREASURE group ranked 19th in July. Although it was not yet debuted at the time, in fact the group was named as the fastest K-Pop group to top Billboard’s Social 50 Chart. Prior to that precisely in June the Group was ranked 39th.

Selected By 50 Agencies and Highly Anticipated

No wonder for the new Group that immediately soared, of course he achieved a lot and was eagerly awaited by the public. It was also selected by 50 agencies and ranked as the 4th most anticipated group. It was known through Sport Chosun Best in K-Pop in 2020. In addition to these achievements, the group was also selected by 50 KPop agencies to be among the other groups that debuted.

MelOn Artist Chart Ranked 42nd

On July 15, 2020, the group was ranked 42nd on the MelOn Artist Chart in the boy group category. Beating his senior iKon, it was a proud achievement for a group that was not yet officially debuted. A surprising feat for K-Pop music lovers brought the group soaring in name.

Pretty Fantastic Youtube Account

Pretty Fantastic Youtube Account
Pretty Fantastic Youtube Account

In addition to the achievements recognized by some media, the group also managed to post achievements on their Youtube accounts. At nearly 1 million subscribers, the group often gets a lot of views when uploading videos.

Even surprising is that the group has over 100 million viewers. In addition, hundreds of millions of views have also been collected since they created the account.


The many achievements achieved by this K-Pop group make it a lot of interesting facts that need to be reviewed from this group. It was only a lifetime that the group began to achieve many achievements and was recognized by many. As a k pop group lover of course you want to know about what are the interesting facts of this group. Other interesting facts as follows

As the Newest Group of Entrants

In 2020 the group achieved the best pering since the launch of its single. The group surpassed 170,000 sales of its first album. That makes the group the best-selling group in 2020. In fact, many of them mentioned this group as migrants who received many offers or orders.

Fastest Group To Enter Billboard

As previously explained, the group entered the Billboard Social 50 chart. It was a tremendous achievement. In addition, there are many music charts that place the group in the high rankings. Even on Youtube often get trending in a few days.

Mysterious Girl figure in MV I Love You


The song I Love You led the group to a proud achievement even to the world level and reigned over Youtube. behind it there is a mysterious woman figure in the video clip they uploaded. The figure is present at the end of the video which makes the public wonder who the figure is. Dressed in uniform and on the beach, So Junghwan was seen holding the girl’s shoulders.

Many fans were jealous of the presence of the figure as management did not confirm the girl’s identity.

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