TVN Announces Cast of Devilish Judge Drama, Who Are They?

Devilish Judge

TVN is preparing a new drama called Devilish Judge. The legal-themed television series is scheduled to air in mid-2021.

Choi Jung Gyu was appointed director for this latest project. He has been involved in drama productions, such as Two Weeks (2013), Triangle (2014), Splendid Politics (2015), Flower of the Prison (2016), and Children of Nobody (2018).

Playwright Miss Hammurabi (2018), Moon Yoo Seok also joined devilish judge’s production team.

Devilish Judge Synopsis

Kang Yo Han is a judge who delivers the message of justice through the “Live Courtroom Show”. However, his appearance remains a mystery, is he indeed a folk hero or a demon wearing a legal mask?

Kang Yo Han himself is known as the “Devil Judge” who likes to punish bad guys, greedy, and thirst for power. Behind his handsome face, he always shows a mysterious aura.

Jung Sun Ah serves as executive director of CSR. Thanks to his intelligence, he is closely involved with important people, one of whom is Kang Yo Han.

Kim Ga On is the shining associate judge of the dystopian world. He’s lost his parents since he was a kid. Trying to fight hard times by working hard to achieve his dreams as a law enforcement officer. His endurance and patience are messed up when dealing with Kang Yo Han.

A police detective in the regional investigation unit named Yoon so Hyun tries to uncover Kang Yo Han’s big secret. She grew up and befriended Kim Ga On as a child.

Devilish Judge’s Player Profile

Some time ago, TVN revealed the lead role in this latest drama. For those who are curious, here’s a brief profile of devilish judge players.

1. Ji Sung

ji sung TVN Announces The Drama Of Devilish Jugde

Ji Sung must be familiar to K-Drama fans, this senior actor has starred in many dramas since 1999. He often brought iconic characters and was attached to the audience’s attention.

Lee BoYoung’s husband has starred in dozens of television series, including Kill Me, Heal Me (2015), Entertainer (2016), Innocent Defendant (2017), Familiar Wife (2018), Doctor John (2019), and many more.

Not only that, Ji Sung also filled the soundtrack in dramas starring him, such as Wuthering Heights ost Secret Love and Violet ost Killing Me, Heal Me.

Ji Sung is a South Korean actor who was born on February 27, 1977 as Kwak Tae Guen. He studied at Hanyang University majoring in theater and film.

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The prestigious awards won by Ji Sung include KBS Drama Awards 2013: Popularity Award, Actor, 4th Annual Drama Fever Awards 2016: Best Actor, Bakesang Arts Awards 2015: Best Actor (TV), and many more.

2. Park Jin Young

Park Jin Young
Pemeran Devilish Judge

Park Jin Young is reformed to play the character of Kim Ga On, a charismatic and handsome young judge.

Not long ago, she reportedly joined the actor and actress agency, BH Entertainment. This is lanatran Got7, the boy group that raised his name decided to leave JYP Entertainment.

Park Jin Young himself has made his acting debut since 2012, the first drama he fostered was Dream High 2 (2012).

He appeared in several drama titles, such as When a Man Falls in Love (2013), Beloved Eun-dong (2015), The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016), He is Psychometric (2019), Melting Me Softly (2019), and When My Love Bloosm (2020).

Despite having a background as an idol, it turns out that Jin Young’s acting is quite capable. In fact, he won the Asian Artist Awards 2020 for Actor Popularity Award and Potential Award (Male Actor).

3. Park Gyu Young

Park Gyu Young
Pemeran Devilish Judge

The Busan-born young actress also joined the drama Devilish Judge, playing the character Yoo so Hyun.

Prior to joining Saram Entertainment, it was under the auspices of JYP Entertainment.

The 27-year-old actress has starred in a string of popular films, such as Suspicious Partner (2017), Rain or Shine (2017), The Third Charm (2018), Nokdu Flower (2019), It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020).

Park Gyu Young also appeared in the big screen films Wretches (2018) and Love+Sling (2018).

In addition, she has been modeled in Jo Kwon’s Crosswalk music videos, Day6’s I Like You, and Urban Zakapa’s You’re the Reason.

4. Kim Min Jung

Kim Min Jung Devilish Judge

This drama is most popular with K-Drama fans, the reason is none other than because Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung were reunited after all this time. The two had been a couple in the drama New Heart (2007).

Apparently, the 38-year-old actress is also studying at Hanyang University. He majored in theater and film.

Kim Min Jung began her career as an artist in 1988. Thanks to her acting skills, she still often appears in various darama titles and films to this day.

Popular dramas starring Kim Min Jung include The Thorn Birds (2011), Gap-dong (2014), The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 (2015), Man to Man (2017), Mr. Shunshine (2018), and My Fellow Citizens! (2019).

He also explored big screen films, such as Kid Cop (1993), Flying Boys (2004), The Scam (2009), Return of the Mafia (2012), and Queen of the Night (2013).

Her acting performance was awarded by APAN Start Awards 2015: Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama Series, KBS Drama Awards 2015: Excellence Award, Actress in a Mid-length Drama, and Korean Drama Awards 2019: Top Excellence Award, Actress.

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