TVXQ, The Highest Paid K-Pop Saviour

TVXQ, The Highest-Paid K-Pop Industry Saviour

Tong Vfang Xien Qi or more commonly known TVXQ is a boy band consisting of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. The boy band is a South Korean pop duo. Nicknamed Tohoshinki, in Japan, they started active from 2003 until now.

Under SM Entertainment, they debuted on December 26, 2003 before Super Junior in 2005. Initially they had five members, but due to internal problems they are now a pop duo.

TVXQ’s Journey As a Famous Group

For the first time, the pop duo began performing in Seoul during the SM Town Live World Tour. With their album Keep Your Head Down they returned as a pop duo on January 5, 2011. Then the success accompanied them to a tour of Sakura Country, Japan.

With the release of the single “Superstar” they were successful in conducting a tour in Japan until getting certified gold. Then throughout 2012 to 2015 they continued their tour to Japan Tone Tour, Time Tour, Tree Tour, and With Tour.

Exactly one day before one of the personnel named Yunho left for the military, they released their eighth Korean album titled “Rise as God”. After Yunho left the military on July 21, 2015, Changmin joined the military police on November 19, 2015. After they both finished military education, in 2017 when they were finished and back in the entertainment world.

TVXQ Members

TVXQ Members
TVXQ Members

Two personnel don’t seem to have the name of this K-Pop group extinguished. Instead, they aligned themselves to advance the group’s name abroad in South Korea. This is evident by the growing number of fans in Indonesia. To better understand them, let’s get acquainted with this pop duo.

U-Know Yunho

Having the full name U-Know and stage name Jung Yun Ho it turns out that he was born in Gwangju on February 6, 1986. A South Korean citizen, he played the role of Leader, Main Dancer, Main Rapper, and Vocalist.

He is 184 cm tall and weighs 66 kg, he is very diligent in exercising and has a hobby of reading. This man with blood type A has the aquarius zodiac. Yunho is someone who likes to write especially when it rains with a rintik-rintik. On June 12, 2019, she officially debuted solo on the album True Colors.

Max Changmin

Fully named Max and stage name Shim Chang Min, he was a man born on February 18, 1988 in Seoul. A South Korean citizen he is 186 cm tall and weighs 61 Kg.

His good body made him have a hobby of sports, listening to music, and singing. In this K-Pop group he played in the positions Main Vocalist and Maknae. On the other hand, he is a South Korean, he turns out to be good and fluent in Japanese.

Probably because they often tour japan before. The type of sport he loves is swimming. Changmin is the son of a professor who has two younger brothers named Shim Seo Yeon and Shim Ji Yeon.

Changmin adhered to Buddhism as a religion he believed in. The most interesting fact of Changmin is that he has the highest IQ in SM Entertainment with an IQ of 155. Changmin had undergone lasik surgery to correct his previously poor eyesight.

Reveal Interesting Things About TVXQ During Concerts in Indonesia

Reveal Interesting Things About TVXQ During Concerts in Indonesia
Reveal Interesting Things About TVXQ During Concerts in Indonesia

On August 31, 2019, k-pop group first held its concert at ICE BSD Tangerang. With the theme “TVXQ Concert Circle #With” they got a lot of enthusiasm from his fans named Cassiopeia. Then on February 21, 2020 in korean wave in love concert. There are some interesting things to reveal when they concert in Indonesia

Feeling Moved

This was revealed from them when expressing a message of heart to Indonesian fans. They judged that cassiopeia’s existence was special and invaluable. Even in the concert they assumed that their fans in Indonesia were a family. Provide warmth and comfort when they visit Indonesia.

Very impressed

This was revealed by Yunho who befellli that fans in Indonesia are already like a big family. It gives a deep impression when they both perform and the enthusiasm is amazing. For Yunho who made a profound impression was that their fans were very supportive when both were on stage.

Interesting Facts About TVXQ

When it comes to the group of two personnel it is always awe-inspiring because of their success in the entertainment world. Besides, there are a lot of facts that always come with them and a lot of fans who don’t know this yet. Here are some interesting facts about this K-Pop group of personnel duo

Once the Saviour of the K-Pop Industry

Once the Saviour of the K-Pop Industry
Once the Saviour of the K-Pop Industry

This was already evident when they debuted in the 2000s because Koreans began to be disinterested in K-Pop. Then their presence is like a fresh wind for K-Pop lovers because it succeeds in achieving its success. When they started launching, they managed to get a good reception and managed to sell the album in large numbers.

The Most Expensive K-Pop Group

In 2009 the group became the first group to be nominated with an income of 109 US Dollars. Then they experienced a surge in 2011 with revenues of US$1.1 Billion. It continues to rise over time and their success. Until the last year of 2018 their income was 2 Billion US Dollars.

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