TXT, Boyband From Big Hit Who Became BTS’s “Sister”

TXT, Boyband From Big Hit Who Became BTS's "Sister"

TXT has managed to steal a lot of attention from the Indonesian public because of the multitalented boy band and “sister” of BTS. The boy band was inaugurated in March 2019. Who are the TXT Members? there are 5 personnel members including Yeonjung, Soobin, Taehyun, Beomgyu, and Huengningkai.

The boy band has given a proud achievement. This top boyband’s video clip view has achieved an amazing record. In addition, the debut with the song Crown also gave way to victory. The longevity of TXT is Tomorrow by Together.

Txt Career Beginnings, Tomorrow by Together

Txt Career Beginnings, Tomorrow by Together
Txt Career Beginnings, Tomorrow by Together

At first, BTS made an announcement if it would release the latest boy band. BigHit Entertainment also announced the emergence of a new boy band in 2019. The official statement was reported by Bang Si Hyuk.

The first debut of this boy band was broadcast by Youtube channel directly through youtube account. At that time, k-pop group performed a song titled “the Dream Chapter Star”. The boy band’s debut was held on March 5, 2019 on Yes24 Live Hill. Furthermore, the boy band released a music video with a song called Crown which ultimately managed to break the most in demand record.

The presence of K-POP this group of men is very welcomed by netizens all over the world. At the time of introducing the first member was very muchusias. Until it became trending hats on social media, especially Twitter at the time. In just one day, the debut video clip titled “Crown” could already set a record viewership of millions. In 2019, the boy band is the most watched by people around the world.

His first trophy was brought home by boy band Tomorrow by Together on his first song Crown. The victory was quite proud because it was only a short time after the debut of 2 weeks.

Uniquely, members of this boy band have a skill that is capable in the field of English. It’s not just music-related skills that are mastered. This English proficiency is an important thing that k-pop group members must master today. Interestingly, all members of his personnel speak English. In fact, when interviewed at an event in America, all of its personnel can answer all english-language questions with flexible flexible. The popularity of Hallyu Waves made the boy band’s career more widely known.

TXT Member Unique, From BTS Fans To Mixed Blood

Unique Personnel, From BTS Fans To Mixed Blood
Unique Personnel, From BTS Fans To Mixed Blood

Boyband Tomorrow by Together turned out to be a favorite bts boy band. Bts’s fondness for boy bands is characterized by bts’s boy in luv dancing during big hit entertainment auditions. Tomorrow by Together’s boy band leader Soobin is also very fond of BTS.

In fact, many say that this TXT Boyband is the younger brother of BTS. In response, many people want inspiration from the work with the collaboration of the two boy bands adequate 1.

In fact, one of these TXT personnel is mixed blood. These personnel are Huengningkai who are of American and Korean blood. The father is American and the mother is of Korean nationality. The characteristics of his face make one of his charms.

Like this Huengningkai, it gives fans an appeal for good-looking people. His facial character is different from other personnel members of Korean blood. This huengningkai has a sharper characterful face than other personnel members. The shape of Huengningkai’s nose looks more mancung than others.

Many Brands Interested in Working with TXT

The increasing level of popularity makes many brand products that intend to invite cooperation as brand ambassadors. One of the product brands that cooperate with this boyband is beauty product brand. The company believes that members of this persil have DNA that matches the beauty products.

This boy band has uniqueness and career journeys that vary from one to another. Of course, the uniqueness of the boyband is a positive thing and worth thumbs up. Because the uniqueness of the own can encourage the success of boybands. None other than, the boy band has skyrocketed to worldwide ity due to its sound beauty, movement flexibility, and English skills.

TXT Members

TXT Members
TXT Members

The members consist of 5 personnel including the following.


This one was born on March 13, 2001. Its height reaches 179 cm. He weighed about 53 kg.


This second personnel was born on September 13, 1999. He reached 181 cm in height and weighed 62 kg.


Taehyun is approximately 177 cm tall. Taehyun was born on February 5, 2002. He weighs about 55 kg.


Heuningkai has a height of about 183 cm. He weighed about 61 kg. Heuningkai was born on August 14, 2002.


The personnel of this KPOP group is named Soobin. The personnel was born on December 5, 2000. This soobin has a high posture that reaches 185 cm. He weighed about 67 kg.

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Each Korean boy band has its own characteristics. Each boy band has a unique career journey experience. The boyband’s success was seen by its popularity and existence. In fact, txt is in addition to the popularity of the community also many who yearn to cooperate because its popularity and value is very high in the eyes of the community.

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