Uhm Ki Joon Becomes Antagonist of The Penthouse 2

Fact Uhm Ki Joon, Antagonist of The Penthouse 2

After the success of The Penthouse 1, Uhm Ki Joon is back in The Penthouse 2, of course, as the long-awaited antagonist. His acting skills in the first series of The Penthouse managed to amaze many viewers. This consistently rising drama, written by Kim Soon Ok, is a writer known for sensational stories.

It tells the story of a group of upper-class people, who live in a 100-story luxury apartment. Each occupant has a secret, many plot twists that decorate the conflict between apartment residents. This scene managed to make the audience goosebumps as well as amazed.

Uhm Ki Joon is one of the actors who graced the drama The Penthouse, with his cool expression. Check out the facts about ahjussi who will star in the second series of The Penthouse, this February.

Playing An Evil Character In The Penthouse 1

Uhm Ki Joon Becomes Antagonist of The Penthouse 2
Playing An Evil Character In The Penthouse 1

The actor, who began his career in the musical, is portrayed as a ruthless, manipulative man, doing everything possible to achieve his goals.

Playing the character of Joo Dan Tae, a man who looks normal in general. However, behind it all, his behavior is appalling. Uhm Ki Joon plays a father who is rude to his twins, greedy collecting treasures.

He doesn’t even hesitate to kill people for his own sake, and betray his own wife. Apart from his character and profession as a real estate entrepreneur who allowed all means. It doesn’t mask joo Dan Tae’s charming charisma and authority.

The Role of Uhm Ki Joon in The Penthouse Sequel Is Getting Out of Control

The Penthouse 2 premiered on February 19, 2021. Some photos of Uhm Ki Joon’s new drama scenes have been released. The released photo is, his pose when smiling casually, and staring coldly at someone unpleasantly, as well as a face expression that is difficult to read.

His charm and acting abilities received praise from producers, according to character producer Joo Dan Tae, often doing unexpected things in The Penthouse 2. With his unique acting skills, the producer revealed That Uhm Ki Joon is said to be able to portray Joo Dan Tae’s character as much as 200%. The producer judged that this actor was able to lead the way of Penthouse charmingly, and make viewers enjoy the story presented.

Oh Yoon Hee Revenge To Joo Dan Tae

Oh Yoon Hee’s character manages to join the prestigious club Hera Palace, and is immersed in his greedy ambitions. After entering Hera Palace club, Oh Yoo Hee realizes that he himself killed shim Su Ryeon’s daughter. To cover up his actions, Oh Yoon Hee betrays Joo Dan Tae, his co-worker, so that Shim Su Ryeon can be knocked out of Hera Palace.

However, Joon And Tae trap Oh Yoon Hee, when she changes her mind not wanting to get rid of Su Ryeon. That’s why Oh Yoon Hee went to jail, but escaped with the help of Su Ryeon’s right-hand man, Logan Lee. In season 2 of Penthouse, Oh Yoon Hee will avenge Joo Dan Tae. Eugene’s appearance as Oh Yoon Hee’s character in The Penthouse 2 looks messy, due to his status as a fugitive.

Uhm Ki Joon’s Opinion About The Penthouse 2’s Upsetting Story

Teaser The Penthouse 2

SBS Drama has uploaded penthouse 2 teaser on Youtube on January 12, 2021. The teaser, titled revenge that has not yet begun, begins with a scene of Cheon Seo Jin by Kim Seo Yeon falling off the stage.

Joo Dan Tae with a creepy grin and a dialogue that says meet a true soul mate. The cast of Bae No Ra, Kim Hyun so who was bullied in his school environment.

Also, the return of Joo Seok Joon and Ha Yoon Cheol from America, respectively by Kim Young Dae and Yoon Jong Hoon. The cast of The Penthouse 1, commented differently after making the teaser video for The Penthouse 2.

Shin Eun Kyung gets more curious after seeing the teaser. While actress Eugene says there are different points between seasons 1 and 2, she thinks there’s a change in relationships between the characters.

On the one hand, Cheon Seo Jin said, penthouse storyline season 2, can not afford audience prediction. While inviting viewers to watch his latest drama, Uhm Ki Joon thinks it’s likely that the audience will be a little upset, with the story of The Penthouse 2.

Awarded for His Role in The Penthouse

Uhm Ki Joon, The Penthouse
Awarded for His Role in The Penthouse

Through his acting debut in The Penthouse 1, Uhm Ki Joon was awarded as Top Excellece in Mid-Length/Long Drama from SBS Drama Awards 2020.

In addition, the young-looking actor also received best character in 2017, through the drama Innocent Defendat, and producer’s award in 2018, from Heart Surgeons. The acting of one actor deserves appreciation, with support with qualified talent.

In the SBS Drama Awards 2020, which was held on SBS Prism Tower on December 31, 2020. The Penthouse drama won a lot of awards. These include four Best Actor/Actress trophies, 3 Excellence Actor/Actress trophies, 1 Child Actor Awards and a Supporting Actor Award.

Despite the criticism and controversy, there was a violent scene in the school environment. However, the drama has a good rating, 28.8% on the last episode. Now, the drama The Penthouse is back with a season 2 sequel, which has the support of senior actresses. Also, actor Uhm Ki Joon, whose role is crazier in The Penthouse 2.

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