Vagabond, Korean Drama Genre Thriller Romance

Vagabond, Korean Drama Genre Thriller Romance

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For those of you who love Korean Drama especially with the romance thriller genre, have you been watching Vagabond? The Korean drama, which premiered on September 20, 2019, took the hearts of its audience. How not, this 16-episode Korean drama stars top actors and actresses. Want to know more about this Korean drama? Check out the discussion below.

Korean Drama Synopsis Vagabond

The Korean drama is directed by Yoo In Sik who is also the man behind Mrs. Cop and You’re All Surrounded. Vagabond’s screenplay was written by Jang Young Cheol with Jung Kyung Soon. Both are writers who also worked on Empress Ki’s Korean Drama.

The story of this Korean drama begins with a mysterious plane crash that took up to 200 lives. One of the victims was Cha Dal Gun’s nephew. Then Cha Dal Gun was determined to uncover the truth of the accident. He also conducted an investigation into the corruption network.

Cha Dal Gun’s life is related to Go Hae Ri. Go Hae Ri is a secret agent working for the National Intelligence Service. While Cha Dal Gun is actually an acrobat who wants to be a famous action actor. However, his dreams and career were destroyed because he became the guardian of his nephew.

His nephew was on a flight from Incheon to Morocco at the time. Cha Dal Gun witnessed his nephew being the victim of the plane crash. He believes someone or a group was behind his nephew’s flight sabotage.

Go Hae Ri is currently working for the NIS secretly at the Korean Embassy office located in Morocco. He was given the task of helping the families left behind by the plane crash victims.

Cha Dal Gun then invites Go Hae Ri to help find a man he met in Morocco. The man was also a passenger on the same plane as his nephew. Their encounter soon uncovers a truly dark and sinister conspiracy. Beyond what they expected.

Actor of Korean Drama Vagabond

Actor of Korean Drama Vagabond
Actor of Korean Drama Vagabond

Bae Suzy stars as Go Hae Ri. Lee Seung Gi who plays cha dal gun. There is also Shin Sung Rok playing Ki Tae Woong, the head of the National Intelligence Service’s information team.

There are several supporting actors such as Baek Yoon Sik who plays the President of South Korea. Moon Sung Keun became Prime Minister of South Korea. Kim Min Jong in this korean drama plays the Secretary of Civil Affairs.

Some of the actors and actresses who became people in the National Intelligence Service were Lee Ki Young as Kang Joo Chul, Director of NIS. Jung Man Sik plays Min Jae Sik, the 7th Director of the National Intelligence Service. There is also Hwang Bo Ra who plays Gong Hwa Sook, NIS Staff.

In the first episode you will also find Moon Hoo Jin who plays the character Cha Hoon. He was the nephew of Cha Dal Gun who died in a plane crash.

Korean Drama Production Vagabond

Korean Drama Production Vagabond
Korean Drama Production Vagabond

The series is screenwriter Jang Yong Chul’s 4th collaboration with Jung Kyung Soon and directed by Yoo In Sik. The three have worked on several other Korean dramas, such as Giant (2010). Then in 2012 worked on the History of a Salaryman.

In 2013 they became the people behind the Korean drama Incarnation of Money. Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy previously starred in the Korean drama Gu Family Book in 2013.

In the process of making this korean drama, the reading of the script was first performed on June 2, 2018. Then the filming process began in June 2018. The series is entirely pre-production. There were also several scenes filmed in Morocco and Portugal.

Initially, Vagabond was scheduled for release in late 2018. However, it was again postponed until May 2019. After that it was again postponed due to filming schedule issues as well as a pending deal with Netflix. Finally, the Korean Drama successfully aired in September 2019.

Audience Rating

Vagabond succeeded in making his fans curious after 16 episodes. Even the last episode of this Korean drama managed to get the highest rating of all episodes that have already aired. Due to its success, it is rumored that Season 2 of the drama will appear. Is it true?

According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of the drama received ratings of 9.3%, 11.7%, and 13.1% for each section. The 16th episode received the highest ratings of all episodes. His final rating reached 13.6% in the Seoul area with a percentage of 5.5% of viewers aged 20-49.

Korean Drama Vagabond Fast Facts

Korean Drama Vagabond Fast Facts
Korean Drama Vagabond Fast Facts

Some of the interesting things in this drama are that in the last episode, there is a thrilling plot twist. Go Hae Ri must believe cha dal gun’s death. However, Cha Dal Gun was saved by some of his colleagues. It was also known that Samael was Edward Park and Michael Maeda’s lover was actually Edward Park’s secretary. At the end of the episode, the drama manages to leave many questions for its audience.

Quoted from Soompi, Celltrion Entertainment, which is the production house of the Korean drama, said there was a possibility of a second season. They also shared various things about the filming process of the drama.

Quoted from Sports Chosun, it is one of the most expensive productions to reach US$22 million.

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