Many Idols, 4 K-Popers Favorite Korean Variety Shows

Favorite Korean Variety Show The K-Popers

Variety show became one of the television programs owned by Korea that is much loved not only by its people. Especially if the variety show invites K-pop idols as their guest stars.

For K-pop idols, appearing in program shows such as variety shows is one part of their promotional activities. K-pop groups that will comeback, willusually do many promotions, such as fan meetings, music shows, talk shows, and others.

Weekly Idol

Weekly Idol trailer ep.310 with BLACKPINK

Weekly Idol first aired in 2011 on MBC Every1 every Wednesday at 17:00 KST. The show, hosted by comedians Jeong Hyeng Don and Defconn, featured only idols.

Usually, invited idols have just made a comeback with a new album, or who have just debuted and have to promote themselves as idols. The show, which has been airing for almost 9 years, has invited several famous groups such as, Bigbang, SNSD, 2NE1, Super Junior, iKON, BTS,EXO, BLACKPINK, NCT,and so on.

Despite several MC changes since leaving the main MC in 2018, the event remains an incara of kpopers. Because, in this show, fans can see the fun of idols that can only be seen in variety shows only.

Running Man

Running Man trailer ep.129

Not only is it a favorite of the audience, Running Man is also a favorite variety of kpopers almost all over the world. Because, the game in this program is very challenging and able to show the other side of the idols.

Some idols who often appear in this variety show, call it Nickhun 2PM, Jung Yong Hwa CN Blue, Bae Suzy, Twice, Bigbang, Minho SHINee. Almost all idols have appeared in this show, both personally and in groups.

Some of running man’s recommended episodes feature fights between idols and Running Man members,namely episodes 84-85, 104, 129, 162,186, 195, 201, 209, and episode 250.

Idol Room

Idol Room Trailer

Jeong Hyeong Don and Defconn re-appear in their latest show, Idol Room. The show first aired in May 2018, and ended in February 2020 on jtbc television station.

Idol Room has a special segment, Namely Idol 999 which asks guest stars to parody Mnet’s popular survival show, Produce 101. Idols are required to complete different challenges in each episode. Some of these challenges are, singing, dance cover,acting, and others.

If both MCs are comforted by their action, the idols will get an A-grade sticker affixed to their shirt. Conversely, if they are not entertained or indifferent, then idols will get B to F rated stickers.

The show invites many junior idols, such as ITZY, Stary Kids, NCT, (G)I-DLE, Seventeen, Oh My Girl, Gugudan, Weki Meki, Cosmic Girl, The Boyz, and so on. Even though it’s not airing, Idol Room is still a show worth watching for kpopers.

Ask Us Anything

Knowing Brother ep.139 trailer

Ask Us Anything, better known as Knowing Brother,is a JTBC-owned show that aired since 2015. The program was hosted by Kang Ho Dong, Lee so Geun, Kim Young Chul, Seo Jang Hoon, Kim Hae Chul “Super Junior”, Min Kyung Hoon, and also Lee Sang Min.

Knowing Brother takes the theme in a classroom, with both guest stars and personnel having to wear high school uniforms. In this event, the personnel will second-guess the personal stuff of the guest star that has never been published before.

Not only that, the show that airs every Saturday also has a segment that will show the talents of guest stars, ranging from singing to dancing. Having aired for 5 years, Knowing Brother has invited idols such as AKMU, Winner, iKON, G-Dragon, Red Velvet, EXO, Super Junior, and so on.

Well, as a Kpopers, which variety show is your favorite?

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