Vicky Zhao, Chinese actress blacklisted by government

Vicky Zhao, Chinese actress blacklisted by government

Zhao Wei aka Vicky Zhao appears to have been blacklisted from the entertainment world by the Chinese government. All of Zhao’s related digital content has now disappeared from China’scyberspace.

Reporting from the Global Times, all works starring him, including movies, talk shows, to TV series have been removed since Thursday (08/26/2021) night. Zhao Wei became the latest celebrity to be blacklisted after actor Zhang Zhehan came under fire for a visit to Japan’s Yasukuni Shrine.

For China, a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine is a symbol of support for Japanese fighters in the World War II era who once oppressed the Chinese people. Chinese netizens reported that Vicky Zhao’s name on many major sites such as iQiyi and Tencent video showed no results.

Even the drama he starred in, My Fair Princess, has been removed from a number of platforms without explanation. In fact, the drama is one of the most popular Chinese TV dramas. A number of video platforms have confirmed the removal of Zhao’s works. They said they had received a request for removal for no apparent reason.

Vicky Zhao is considered non-nationalist.

Vicky Zhao is one of the famous artists in China, in 2020 she is also believed to be a spokesperson of Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi in China. Unfortunately, he is often involved in scandals because he is considered not nationalist. One of them in 2001, zhao was openly wearing a dress featuring the Japanesemilitary flag.

Zhao again stumbled into a scandal with accusations of not being nationalist in 2016 for bringing a Taiwanese actor into the lead role in a film. The election was eventually cancelled by the Chinese government.

The digital content supervisor of The Bamboo Curtain Country is currently getting tighter in supervising the movements of celebrities. Especially those involved in scandals. Including those who dare to criticize the Chinese government.

The bad behavior of artists is considered to damage the morale of youth and have an influence on society, not only in the country but also the world. China itself applies strict rules on a variety of content, ranging from music, movies to video games. They often censor anything that violates socialist core values.

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