Burning Sun Victim Uploads Photo of Hyo Yeon, Worried Fans

Burning Sun Victim Uploads Photo of Hye Yeon, Worried Fans

Not long ago, Hyo Yeon’s name was dragged into the Burning Sun nightclub scandal. This started from Kim Sang Kyo’s upload, he mentioned that SNSD members were on site when the attack happened. The man who claims to be a producer and director includes a lengthy caption that inflames SONE.

Kim Sang Kyo himself was the victim and first reporter of Burning Sun. The report sparked an investigation that dragged on the names of several celebrities. She also mentioned that Hyo Yeon is a member of VVIP club as well as a witness to the attack.

Kim Sang Kyo also revealed that all members of the VVIP club did not care at all when he was attacked. He also gave a message to former Big Bang member Seungri who is currently serving in the military. He continued to urge witnesses to immediately uncover the true events.

While Hyo yeon is known to be active as a DJ and performs several times in Burning Sun. Previously, he received negative comments because he was known to be at the club when Kim Sang Kyo was attacked.

SM Entertainment’s Response Regarding Yeon Being Dragged into Burning Sun Case

Hye Yeon

SM Entertainment denied that the artist was involved in the Burning Sun case. The agency stated that Hyo Yeon was not involved in anything on the night of the attack, the SNSD member only fulfilled the invitation to perform as a DJ.

SM Entertainment stated unequivocally that HyoYeon had absolutely nothing to do with Kim Sang Kyo’s post. The agency that also houses the AESPA asked the whistleblower to refrain from causing speculation and misunderstanding.

Hyo Yeon Raises Talk About Tudingan Who Carries Her Name

Hyo Yeon Raises Talk About Tudingan Who Carries Her Name

Hyo Yeon personally clarified the allegations through her Instragram account on January 14, 2021. Through the post, he asked the netizens to calm down and explain his activities on the night of Kim Sang Kyo’s attack.

He admitted that he greeted some people, had drinks with friends as a celebration of his work that night, continued to eat together, and went home.

This SNSD member sees the “drooling” people kim sang kyo mentioned in her post. However, he did not hear or see any actors or actresses there. He even included sarcasm insinuations that he also didn’t see dogs and cats in the club.

Hyo Yeon calls Kim Sang Kyo an online abuser, and sternly warns. He will act decisively and give a fair punishment to the news anchor is not true.

The post will be deleted soon, HyoYeon said that she did so not out of fear. In closing, the 31-year-old woman gave a “Happy New Year Every One”, and wished everyone a long life and health.

Hyo Yeon Scandal Before Being Linked to Burning Sun

Hyo Yeon Scandal Before Being Linked to Burning Sun

Before Burning Sun’s case, Hyo Yeon is embroiled in a scandal. In 2014, his name was reported to local authorities for an alleged assault on a B-type man.

Police recounted the chronology of the incident, saying that Hyo Yeon and B were at a friend’s house. The SNSD member pretended to fall, and an acquaintance of the victim tried to restrain her body. Yeon tries to move her hand, but accidentally hits B’s face.

The case led to speculation that the idol was actually attempting suicide. This was done by Hyo Yeon because the alleged SNSD member abused her.

B’s acquaintance speaks to bublik, stating that Hyo Yeon’s boyfriend Kim Jun Young did call the police because she was purely worried about Hyo Yeon’s condition, not to report an assault.

Hyo Yeon Multitalented and Accomplished Musician

Hyo Hyeon Multitalented and Accomplished Musician

Despite the scandal that dragged her name, Hyo Yeon is known as a multitalented idol. Having above average dancing ability made him pass the audition “SM Casting System”. Prior to his debut with SNSD, he was a trainee for 6 years at SM Entertainment.

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Besides having a talent in music, Hyo Yeon has a uniqueness brought from birth. He is an ambidextrous , anactive user of the right and left hand.

The owner of kim hyo yeon’s real name got the nickname Dancing Queen from fans. Besides having a melodious voice, she is very talented in the field of dance. This is what encouraged him to make his debut as a soloist.

Through the 43rd SM Station project, Yeon made her solo debut with the single “Mystery” released on December 2, 2016. The eldest of two children chose the pop-dance genre as the debut concept.

Previously, Hyo Yeon won a survival show titled “Hit The Stage”. He was announced as the winner on September 22, 2016, just as he was on his 27th birthday.

Today, his name is listed in a string of idols who have enjoyed tremendous success in the South Korean entertainment industry. According to some sources, HyoYeon owns a penthouse in New Songdo City, Inceon. The residence is on the 60th floor with a very beautiful view because it directly overlooks the sea.

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