Victon, South Korean Boyband With Cool Members

Victon, South Korean Boyband With Cool Members

Victon is a South Korean boy band formed in 2016 by Plan A Entertainment. The group’s name is Voice to New World, which currently has 7 members. Their MINI album Voice to New World with the title track “I’m Fine” was released on November 9, 2016. The seven personnel accompanying the boy band’s career are Seungwoo, Heochan, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, Seungsik, and Subin.

Victon Members

This group contains 7 members who each have the best ability when performing. No wonder each of them is well liked by the K-Popers. This article will give you a profile of each member and some facts of them.

Seungwoo, Leader Victon

Having the real name Han Seung Woo he also has the short name sixpack or captain if called by his fans. The man, who was born on December 24, 1994, is the leader of his group.

Seungwoo Victon
Seungwoo Victon

He also holds lead vocals, rappers, and dancers. His height of 184 cm made him much loved by his fanatics who loved Seungwoo. The man with the capricorn zodiac is a sister of ex Secret named Sunhwa. His position in the group as leader he is often regarded as a father by other members.

Before becoming a member of his group he had dreams of becoming a football player according to his sporting hobby, namely football. The reason he was called a six pack is not far from his physical form which has an athletic posture and stocky. The man, who was born in Busan, South Korea, has appeared in Running Man in episodes 292,297,298. In fact it has a blood type B and does not like insects or dust.


Heochan has a pretty cute stage name that is chan. Born on December 14, 1995, he was a Vocal and Main Dancer. Sagittarius zodiac he likes this type of swimming when his leisure time.

This guy who loves Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” has a desire to visit America. Born in Seongnam, South Korea, he is the younger brother of Heo Jun who is now part of the MADTOWN group.

In fact Chan is a mood maker in the group and he loves to talk. The dimpled style she always shows always keeps her fans crazy. In fact, men who are 177 cm tall are afraid of syringes. His career is now an embodiment of his pent-up dream of becoming a professional dancer.

Sejun, Face of Victon

Sejun has the real name Im Se Jun or Lim Se Jun who was born on May 4, 1996. Men who are 180 cm tall now position in the group as vocal, visual, and face of the group.

Sejun Victon
Sejun Victon

The man born in Seoul, South Korea turned out to be one of the Bangtan Boys fans and dreamed of meeting them. The type of sport he loves is all forms and any kind of sport that makes him healthy. In addition, he also has a hobby of playing games and likes favorite colors of white, red, and black.

Weighing 65 kg turns out he is one of the members who really likes to eat. Sejun’s dream in the group is more real because he previously dreamed of becoming a famous singer. The fact from Sejun is rarely known to people that he is a fear of ghosts. Having dimples is no wonder that he is widely supported by many fans.


Hanse has the real name Do Han Se and the stage name known as “Sese”. Born on September 25, 1997 he had an older brother. The man, who is 176 cm tall, currently plays the Main Rapper and Lead Dancer. Hanse is one of the members who is very afraid of cats.

Hanse Victon
Hanse Victon

To maintain his stamina he loved exercise and exercise. The countries he wants to visit are China, Japan, and America. Before entering the group he loved singing and aspired to be a professional singer. Although from his face he looks cold, but it turns out that he is a warm person.


Giraffe and ByeonChan are among his calls besides Byungchan. Born on November 12, 1997, he currently has positions as Vocal and Visual. The man who has a birthplace in Jeonju, South Korea likes black as his favorite color. His vocal position turned out to be a dream he had dreamed of a long time ago as a child.


He is currently named the tallest member of the group. This man who has dimples turns out not to like seafood and tomatoes. High-body posature turns out that he has an interest in learning martial arts. Prior to joining the group he had a cameo in the 2015 drama Cheer Up.


Seungsik has the real name Kang Seung Sik who was born on April 16, 1995. Born in Gyeonggi do, South Korea today she is the mother of the group. This man who likes black turns out to have an interest in badminton. The country to visit is Paris, France. His unique hobby is cleaning houses and rooms.


Subin has the real name Jung Su Bin who was born on April 5, 1999 in Daejeon, South Korea. He currently has positions as Maknae, Vocal, and Rap in the group. Before joining the group he had dreams of becoming president.

Such is the review of the Korean boy band Victon and the explanation of its members. Happy reading.

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