BLACKPINK “Ice Cream”, 480 Million Views For 3 Months


BLACKPINK Ice Cream video” has surpassed 450 million Views on Youtube as of Saturday (26/12). The music video showing United States star Selena Gomez as well as South Korean megagroup Blackpink was released on August 28.

That is, it takes close to 3 months, 27 days, and 17 hours to reach the record. The number of viewers also recorded a new milestone, for Soompi, Saturday.

“This is Blackpink’s eighth music video that surpassed 450 million views, after” How You Like That“,” Kill This Love”,” DDU- DU DDU- DU”,” As If Its Your Last”,” BOOMBAYAH”,” Playing With Fire”, and “Whistle”,” Soompi reports.

The video concept shows a series of retro-motivated looks and refers to the pin-ups of the 1950s and the power of 1970s flowers. In the opening scene, Selena Gomez appears to be at sea with matted hair.

Selena Gomez drives to meet the BLACKPINK K-pop team in an old-model ice cream truck. Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie were popular with fashionable styles after it was seen with chunky gold necklaces, Dior newsboy hats, pink hair, and cherry earrings. The message at the time, was that the bold clothes and decorations were very curated for the video.

Matches each member’s image (cute Jennie; Jisoo feminine; street style queen, Rosé; as well as a personal rapper, Lisa), the singers are fully clothed with pink headbands. There was also an ultra feminine floral patterned dress with giant puffy sleeves, and an all-white skirt and tennis top. Accessories help channel each member’s style, from Chanel belt bags to stacked jewellery and heart-like sunglasses.

After that, close to 2 minutes, the video shows the feel of the 1980s in a black-and-white ensemble that meets the stylish singer in a pink-patterned ice cream shop.

BLACKPINK Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)’ M/V

” As far as music videos we strive to make have every look that matches totality, and we specifically focus on the use of bright motifs that match the totality of musical vibrations and concepts,” said Blackpink.

Blackpink said that the music video really wants to show an exciting energy and light up in costume. They wish this message to the fans.

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