WEi Boyband Facts and Identity Album: Challenge

Facts About Boyband WEi and His Latest Album Identity: Challenge

Boyband WEi is a South Korean boy band that just debuted last year, more precisely in October 2020. The boy band consists of 6 people: Daehyeon, Donghan, Yongha, Yohan, Seokhwa, and Junseo.

Although fairly new, boyband WEi has had many fans from its home country of Korea to Indonesia. The agency that oversees the boy band is Oui Entertainment which is also a new agency. Oui Entertainment started its establishment in 2017 with its founder named Wee Myung He. In addition to hosting the boy band WEi, this agenda also houses several famous Korean artists Seol In Ah, Jo Sung Wook, and many others.

If you want to know more information related to WEi, here are 5 interesting facts about WEi that you need to know.

Immediate Comeback with Latest Album Identity: Challenge

After its debut last year, WEi finally decided to make a comeback with his latest album called Identity: Challenge. According to the six members, this latest album has a message that they want to convey to fans.

According to one of its members, the message that WEi wants to convey in this album is a sense of courage, challenge, confidence, and passion. These are the things that WEi members should have in navigating the Korean music industry.

Furthermore, one of their members named Kim Jun Seo also said that the album Identity: Challenge will show the improvement of WEi. The six members of WEi noticed that the album would show the other side of this boy band. There’s another side of WEi that they want to show fans. They claimed these things had not been channeled on the previous album.

In working on the album Identity: Challenge, there will be a new color. Because Jang Dae Hyeon as one of the members became the main composer in the main song titled All or Nothing. With this, members claim to be able to channel the color of their identity in more depth.

Before Becoming WEi, The Boyband Named Ouiboys

Boyband WEi and Album Identity: Challenge
Before Becoming WEi, The Boyband Named Ouiboys

As the only boy band from Oui Entertainment, WEi is certainly a road opener. The agency initially introduced the boy band with only 4 members. The name for the boy band was also named Oui Boys.

But soon the boy band was jerking the public with changes to its personnel and changes to the group’s name. Initially, Oui Boys consisted of Daehyeon, Donghan, Seokhwa, and Yohan in June 2020. The introduction of the two was the addition of two more members, Yongha and Juseo. In October 2020, the oui boys group name was officially changed to WEi.

Members of Boyband WEi Have Participated in TV Competitions

Daehyeon and Donghan had attended a reality survival show called Produce x 101. After the show, the two men began to separate and began their respective careers. Donghan debuted with boy band JBJ, while Dahyeon debuted with a boy band called Rainz. After a while, both of their groups began to become inactive and disbanded. Even so, the two also had solo careers in the period 2018 to 2019.

Seokhwa also briefly follows YG’s Treasure Box which ends in failure. He did not make it into one of the lineups for his debut.

Something different happened to Yongha and Juseo. Both entered the competition and became the lineup for debut.

First and Only Boy Band Oui Entertainment

Oui entertainment before forming the boy band WEi, turned out to have been an agency for several members of WEi to solo. One of them is Kim Dong Han who has made his debut in 2018. He released an album called EP D-Day in June. The album’s lead single peaked at number 5 on ghaon album chart.

In addition to Kim Dong Han, another member, Kim Yo Han, also released an album while soloing with Oui Entertainment. He made his solo debut with an album called No More on August 25, 2020.

Even so, the two united into a boy band thanks to the help of Oui Entertainment.

Quite Unique Fandom Names

Boyband WEi and Album Identity: Challenge
Quite Unique Fandom Names

Every public figure certainly has a fan or fandom who is quite loyal to his idol. Similarly, boyband WEi who began to publicly know their appearance is quite stunning on their first album.

Although some members already have their own fandom, WEi also has a fandom called Rui. According to some sources, the meaning of Rui is “Are You I?”.

Unsatisfactory Debut Album Sales

WEi and Album Identity: Challenge
Unsatisfactory Debut Album Sales

Although some members have had popularity, it does not necessarily make this boy band has a good album sales. In fact, Identity: First Sight only managed to touch 11,300 on its fourth day of sales. Many rumors circulated regarding the cause of the unsatisfactory sale.

One of the rumors says that Yohan’s fandom does not want his idol to become a member of WEi. They want Yohan to stay solo.

Those are 6 facts you need to know about oui entertainment’s boy band WEi. Don’t forget to follow the comeback of boyband WEi which has started since February 24, 2021 yesterday.

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