Wheesung, South Korea’s Most Famous Soloist Officially Indicted Over Illegal Use of Propofol

Wheesung's Brief Profile

Soloist Wheesung was sued by prosecutors for drug use in August 2020. He went on trial in The Andon Branch Daegu District Court on January 19, 2021.

During the trial, his colleagues confessed to all their actions, making Wheesung unable to quibble over the allegations. Man who works as a singer

it is officially indicted for the illegal use of propofol. Sentencing is scheduled for March 9, 2021.

The Scandal That Befell Wheesung

In early 2020, Wheesung reportedly underwent a police investigation into the alleged repeated use of propofol. According to multiple sources, the singer and music producer was involved in a drug abuse case after checking on one of the illegal dealers.

Based on the illegal dealer’s confession, Wheesung was involved in the purchase of a large amount of propofol-type anaesthetic. The drug used for anesthetic before surgery is not used freely without the supervision of a doctor.

Police immediately issued an arrest warrant against him, Wheesung was checked by authorities on March 26, 2020.

Still under police surveillance, he was found unconscious in the bathroom of a building located in Songpa District, Seoul on March 31, 2020. The results showed that Wheesung was positive for drug use. Then, he was discharged because the anesthetic used was not included in the drugs.

One of the news media, MBN News showed a cctv footage showing Wheesung meeting the man who gave him a black bag. Allegedly, he was doing deals with illegal dealers.

According to reports, Wheesung got out of the cab and pulled out a cell phone. Moments later, he meets a man suspected of being a drug salesman. They talked for a few minutes.

After receiving a black bag, Wheesung entered a building. About 30 minutes later, he was found unconscious in the bathroom with evidence bags, several syringes and bottles filled with liquid.

The use of these illegal drugs is not the first time Wheesung has been accused of illegally using propofol since 2011. However, the case was closed without charges.

Wheesung’s Brief Profile


This South Korean singer was born on February 5, 1982 as Choi Hwi Soeng. He started karis as a member of boy group A4 in 1999. Not long after, he decided to leave.

Wheesung re-emerged as a member of the rock band MAME, occupying the position of vocalist. He also participated in MBC Collage Festival 2000.

His name became widely known since signing with YG Entertainment as a soloist. The debut album titled “Like a Move” was released in 2002.

Not wasting his popularity, he re-released his second album titled “It’s Real” in 2003. The album made him the best-selling soloist in South Korea at the time.

Afterwards, he diligently pulled out the work every year. Throughout his career, Wheesung has released 6 studio albums and 5 MINI albums. Also, singles that are still popular today include “Can’t We” (2002), “With Me” (2003), “Night and Day” (2014), and many more.

After his contract with YG Entertainment expired in 2006, Wheesung had moved agencies such as Orange Shock (2006 – 2009), Pop/Up Entertainment (2009 – 2001), and YMC Entertainment (2012 – 2016). In 2017, he founded his own company called Realslow Company.

In addition to being active as a singer, Wheesung often performed as a musical theater player such as Zorro as Zorro (2014) and All Shook Up as Elvis (2016 – 2018).


Wheesung's Achievements During His Career in the Music Industry

Labeling yourself as a musician, certainly gave rise to the idea to always put out the work. This is certainly felt by someone who is involved in the music industry, wheesung is no exception.

Known as a singer with almost all popular works, Wheesung is also known as a great songwriter. Not only himself, he also made lyrics for famous South Korean singers and idol groups.

One of his popular songs is Dance the Night Away sung by Twice. Not only that, he created songs for Gummy, Ailee, NC. A, Lizzy, Jessi, BTOB, Shinee, and many more.

Wheesung is a successful soloist who is proven from the concerts that always sell well. In addition, he often received music awards such as SBS MTV Best of the Best 2014: Best Male Solo, Seoul Success Awards 2014: Singer Grand Prize, Soribada Best K-Music Awards: 2018: Voice Award, and Korean Arts and Culture Awards 2019: Music Producer Award.

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