The Return of First Love Becomes a Story Idea When My Love Blooms

When My Love Blooms

For many, first love certainly gives a different impression. It’s not uncommon for us to have trouble forgetting the first love that is so sweet and beautiful. The same incident was apparently experienced by the two main characters in the series When My Love Blooms. Elevating the story of two lovers in youth, will this story end happily in adulthood?

The Main Character’s Appearance When My Love Blooms

Like other romantic dramas, this latest series from tvN is appreciated. With a lineup that is no less mesmerizing, it is clear that the acting presented is no playful. Featuring the first love story of the two main characters, the play takes two time settings, namely the 90s and the present.

When My Love Blooms
Two Eras That Become Unique Settings When My Love Blooms

The main character Han Jae-Hyun is sweetly played by Yoo Ji-Tae in his 40s. While young Jae-Hyun stars as Jin Young GOT7. For Yoon Ji-so’s adult character, talented artist Lee Bo-Young was chosen to play him. Young Ji-so’s character is instead played by Han Jae-Hyun, a beautiful artist who manages to animate and animate the charismatic Ji-so.

The fourth When My Love Blooms main cast managed to act perfectly in front of the screen. The audience feels the sincerity and undoubted acting ability. The character changes to adulthood is drawn very smoothly and slickly, so that the audience does not feel bored in the middle of the road. Despite the romantic drama, the series also raises family conflicts and a fairly tense business world.

The acting of the four main players is supported by the presence of a supporting cast that is no less exciting. A series of familiar names were also present to color this drama, such as Park Si-Yeon as Jang Seo-Kyeong (Jae-Hyun’s wife), Moon Sung-Geun as Jang San, Kim Young-Hoon as Lee Se-Hoon, Min Sung-Wok as Lee Dong-Jin, and Woo Jung-Won as Yang Hye-Jung.

When My Love Blooms, Starting at First Sight

After decades of separation, Jae-Hyun and Ji-so are reunited by accident. Memories of youth spent together also return like ocean waves. No one can deny that love is still attached to the hearts of both. Will the two repeat the good times of being together first? Check out the trailer for When My Love Blooms synopsis below.

Accidental Meeting

Young Jae-Hyun is described as an idealistic student who often contributes to the action. Jae-Hyun’s days are filled with campaigns, demos, and philosophy clubs. Unlike Jae-Hyun, Ji-so instead chooses a quiet campus life. He had never been involved in a demo before, until he knew Jae-Hyun by accident.

One day, Jae-Hyun and his friends were protesting in front of the campus. Ji-so who is passing can only see from a distance. Naas, the action leads to watering tear gas to cover the area around it. Ji-so, who was caught in the action, fell and almost got caught. Luckily, Jae-Hyun helps Ji-so and rescues him.

When My Love Blooms
Life FlashEs Back on When My Love Blooms

Starting from this rescue, Ji-so’s love slowly grew. He has no hesitation in finding out and attracting Jae-Hyun’s attention. Although Jae-Hyun rejected him at the beginning, the seeds of love grew between the two. The meeting scene after meeting the two main characters of When My Love Blooms may seem cheesy to some viewers. I don’t know why this is the attraction, considering it’s a romantic drama.

Against the backdrop of spring in the 90s, the atmosphere seems real. The audience is taken to follow the plot of the second romance very slowly, but tragically. Because, the two are known to separate for no apparent reason. This is what makes Jae-Hyun and Ji-so difficult to forget about each other’s love.

A Real 90s Atmosphere

Overall, the drama is interesting to watch. For those of you who are confused about looking for an emotionally draining spectacle, When My Love Blooms can be an option. In addition to the storyline presented back and forth with 2 time settings, the cinematography shown is amazing. Help effects and CGI add a romantic and sweet impression of each scene.

With the help of CGI, the atmosphere of the 90s really feels real. Most viewers may not be aware of the involvement of technology in it, but can feel how intense the ambiance is. Not only that, shooting in every scene adds to the dramatic storyline. Especially when jae-hyun and young Ji-so are spending time together.

Learning to Reconcile from When My Love Blooms

The obvious character changes of the main character certainly teach a lot of things. Unwittingly, the audience is invited to dive into life in reality. Some of the lessons that can be learned from the drama When My Love Blooms sub indo are:

Change Is Not Forever Good

Jae-Hyun’s character is drastically altered. The justice he has so far hailed seems to have vanished engulfed the earth. Marrying the billionaire’s daughter turns out to make Jae-Hyun’s conscience blunt. It is only fitting that the people around him feel the same change, not least himself. It’s this change that makes the storyline feel closer. Viewers can understand similar conditions happening in the real world.

Never Live in the Past

The past we are experiencing may be very beautiful, even hard to forget. But life is not forever in the past, but the present and the future. We must not let the memories of the past double and stop our pace.

Quite the contrary, try to reconcile and accept the separation of the past to live the life ahead. This way, we will feel a calmness and happiness that has never been realized before.

When My Love Blooms
Love Decisions in When My Love Blooms

The audience of When My Love Blooms certainly wondered how the end of Jae-Hyun and Ji-so’s story was. Of the 16 episodes shown, the end of the story of these two lovers makes perfect sense. The reality it tries to display feels logical for adult life. In the end, each character’s happiness becomes the main key to the story.

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