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While You Were Sleeping is one of the most anticipated Korean dramas of 2017. It was first reported on September 27, 2017 but many netizens have commented that they can’t wait to watch it soon. While You Were Sleeping was Bae Suzy’s solo project in 2017 after last year’s success with the drama Uncontrollably Fond along with Kim Wo Bin. Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk, his co-star on While You Were Sleeping, his last year’s drama W with Han Hyo Joo was not very successful.

While You Were Sleeping Live

Plot Story While You Were Sleeping

Broadly as directed on the Asianwiki website, the plot of While You Were Sleeping will range between two main characters, Nam Hong Joo, played by Bae Suzy and Jung Jae Chan, played by Lee Jong Suk. Both figures have the ability to see the future, Nam Hong Joo is a former journalist who is able to see possible accidents in the future while Jung Jae Chan is a prosecutor who tries hard to prevent such accidents from happening. Jung Jae Chan’s own character is portrayed as very cool but slowly changes when his destiny relates to Nam Hong Joo because he becomes a figure willing to do anything to stop Hong Joo’s dreams. Not unlike her character in Uncontrollably Fond, Suzy’s character as Hong Joo is a cheerful figure despite having an unscinged way of life as well as a dark secret she tries to hide.

So just like Uncontrollably Fond, it looks like Bae Suzy is re-honing his acting in the gloomy romance drama that certainly makes fans have to be ready with a box of tissues before watching it and hope that somehow it ends with a happy ending because Uncontrollably Fond does not end happily at all.

Chemistry Between Bae Suzy and Lee Jong Suk

Speaking of chemistry there is no question that both Bae Suzy and Lee Jong Suk are not only good-looking actors or beautiful actresses but are veteran actors and actresses whose acting talents are undoubtedly building chemestry to produce quality drama should not be difficult for them. From the plot of the story that has been reported by several outside sites, the closeness between the two characters begins with the tragic things that happen around them and the incident further strengthens the relationship between the two of them. Tuh, so can’t wait to watch the play?

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping was written by Korean screenwriter Park Hye-ryun and directed by Oh Choong-hwan who also directed last year’s successful Doctors series and My Love From the Star. The While You Were Sleeping project is the second project of Bae Suzy and writer Park Hye-ryun’s collaboration after Dream High in 2011 while it is the third project for Lee Jong Suk and writer Park Hye-ryun after I Can Hear Your Voice in 2013 and Pinoccio in 2014. All of these Korean dramas have reaped success before even becoming Dream High became a hit drama in 2011 as well as Pinoccio and I Can Hear Your Voice, so there is no doubt that While You Were Sleeping will also promise the same results.

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