Why Lee Hyunjoo Quit Girl Group APRIL Is Again Being Discussed

Why Lee Hyunjoo Quit Girl Group APRIL

The rise of abuse cases involving South Korean celebrities has put Lee Hyunjoo’s name back in the spotlight. Because, the former april girl group member was rumored to be the victim of bully.

Lee Hyunjoo left the group that raised his name in 2016, due to unfair treatment by other members. This is justified by those closest to him.

Lee Hyunjoo’s Brief Profile

Lee Hyunjoo's Brief Profile

Lee Hyunjoo is a South Korean singer and actress born on February 5, 1998. She is an alumnus of the School of Performing Arts (SOPA), and is currently studying at Sungshin Women’s University.

This woman who started her career as a K-Pop idol is known to be multitalented, she is talented in singing, dancing, and acting. Drawing, makeup, cooking, or pilates are hobbies that are done in between busy.

Before leaving APRIL in October 2016, Hyunjoo took a temporary leave of absence due to respiratory health problems. Despite this, she continued to promote the single group personally.

After leaving APRIL, Lee Hyunjoo was known to focus on acting. She appeared in several dramas, including Late Night Hospital (2011), Drama Spesial Series: Just An Ordinary Story (2012), School 5 (2012), Pride and Prejudice (2014), and Oh, The Mysterious (2017).

In addition, Hyunjoo also starred in the TV movies I’m a Butterfly (2011) and My Prettiest Moments (2012).

He returns to the world of drag in 2018. At that time, he participated in the survival show The Unit which aired on KBS television station. His name made it into uni’s debut line-up. T along with Euijin, NC. A, Yebin, Jiwon, Woohee, Yoonjo, Zn, and Suji.

Open Party Votes

The issue of abuse involving Hyunjoo again came out to the public, as a result some parties opened up about the rumors.

1. Warganet Who Claims to Be Hyunjoo’s Sister Reveals The Bully Experienced by Her Brother

Lee Hyunjoo

Not long ago, on February 28, 2021, warganet claiming to be Hyunjoo’s sister uploaded a report. He revealed that his brother quit APRIL because he was abused by other members.

The report stated that he wanted to uncover the true events of many years ago. However, he chose to undo this because he thought about his future.

At that time, the media reported that Lee Hyunjoo quit APRIL because he wanted to focus on his acting career. This was not allowed by his sister, he said that the brother experienced intimidation and harassment in the group.

The treatment caused his health to be disrupted, he had panic disorders and respiratory problems. In fact, the 23-year-old woman had attempted suicide.

Ahead of his exit from APRIL, his sister mentioned DSP Media sent a letter containing Hyunjoo’s statement leaving the group because he wanted to focus on acting. Initially, the family believed the reason.

His sister also revealed, shortly after receiving a letter from the agency, Hyunjoo is considered a traitorous member of the group for his own benefit. This led his brother to receive nasty comments from the netizens.

Regarding this, APRIL members did not offer an apology. Hyunjoo’s sister said that they laughed at her mother who came to the company after receiving a letter from DSP Media.

2. Following Hyunjoo’s Sister’s Ungahan, a Friend Speaks Up

april Hyunjoo

After Hyunjoo’s sister’s confession went viral on social media, a netizen posted a report titled “All APRIL Members are Perpetrators”.

Apparently, the netizen was one of the closest friends in high school. According to the upload written by him, Lee Hyunjoo was the victim of bully by all April members, except Chaekyung and Rachel.

He also confirmed that his mother was laughed at by APRIL members while visiting the agency’s office.

After he reportedly attempted suicide, DSP Media said the members introspected themselves. They were reunited, but ignored his mother and laughed at her.

3. Former Hyunjoo Agency, DSP Media Denies Abuse

Hyunjoo Agency, DSP Media

Considering a bullying case involving a former artist, DSP Media issued an official statement on March 1, 2021. According to the agency, Hyunjoo did want to be an actress for a long time, but she also agreed to debut with APRIL.

DSP Media explained in detail about his departure. Initially, she joined as a trainee for acting. However, when the agency plans to form APRIL, the company reaches an agreement agreed by the parties concerned and incorporates it into the group.

DSP Media also stated that Lee Hyunjoo was unable to participate fully in all APRIL activities. At the time, he was in an unhealthy physical and psychological condition.

At the same time, the agency revealed that Lee Hyunjoo expressed his desire to leave the group. In fact, APRIL is busy promoting the latest singles. The agency is trying to prevent the artist from wanting.

Indirectly, DSP Media denied any bullying within the group. They gave their full support to Hyunjoo, both as a soloist and actress.

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