Yeo Jina Leaves The Uncanny Counter Due to Differences in Principles

Yeo Jina Leaves The Uncanny Counter

Neo Entertainment’s production house announces Yeo Jina is stepping down from The Uncanny Counter. This was officially announced on January 17, 2021. The decision was taken by mutual agreement.

Yeo Jina chose to step down due to dissent regarding the remaining episodes. According to some sources, the production said that the last script written by the writer aired in episode 12.

In order to continue with the rest, Neo Enterteinment had to find a replacement screenwriter to complete episodes 15 and 16 scheduled to air on January 23 and 24, 2020.

Yeo Jina Contributed to The Uncanny Counter Rating

Yeo Jina Chooses To Leave The Uncanny Counter

Since its ind outing, The Uncanny Counter has received a lot of attention from the audience. This certainly affects the percentage of ratings, even recorded as a new record in the history of OCN television stations.

Despite the ratings downgrade after news of Yeo Jina’s resignation became public, the Korean drama received attention again due to the acting of a good player.

In fact, the play can maintain a reputation amid the unsettling news of the production team. Viewers remain enthusiastic about the heroic actions of Ahn Seok Wan, Yum Hye Ran, Kim Se Jeong, and Jo Byeong Gyu in the next episode.

Indeed, Yeo Jina as the screenwriter contributed to the rating obtained by The Uncanny Counter. This great writer created legendary scenes such as in episode 2, So Moon was finally able to run after 7 years thanks to Choo Mae Ok.

In addition, the character played by Kim Se Jeong gets more fighting scenes. Do Ha Na’s scenes against the demons are also well liked by the audience.

Similarly, episode 9, Choo Mae Ok has her hair turned whitened after rescuing So Moon.

Even the last script written by Yeo Jina received a rating of 10.58%, episode 12 aired on January 10, 2021.

Inevitably, the cooperation of the production team and the players greatly influenced the quality of the drama. The totality of The Uncanny Counter received appreciation from the producer.

Director Yoo Seon Dong Takes Over The Script of Episode 13

Director Yoo Seon Dong Takes Over The Script of Episode 13

The uncanny counter announced that episode 12 was Yeo Jina’s last script. Director Yoo Seon Dong immediately took over the script for episode 13 which aired on January 16, 2021.

The senior director was involved in the production of The Direction (2004), Mr. Housewife (2005), Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (2010), Shoot Me in the Heart (2015), Musudan (2015), and 0.0MHz (2019). Yoo Seon Dong also directed Vampire Prosecutor 2 (2005).

Episode 13 tells about cheong sin’s planned arrest. One way to bring the evil spirits back to Yung is So Moon.

In the previous episode, So Min begins to realize that her goal is no longer revenge. However, it serves and maintains the safety of those around it.

So Moon’s mission in this episode is filled with thrilling scenes. Moreover, Cheong became stronger. Unfortunately, the rating actually dropped to 9.4%. This is allegedly the impact of Yeo Jina resigning.

Although ratings are down, the numbers obtained are still relatively high. According to some sources, the drama is considered stable in maintaining ratings.

In epdisode 14, Cheong Sin shot himself in the head and died instantly. However, the evil spirit inside him can look for a new nang.

The host in question is Mayor Shin Myeong Hwi. The counter who knew about it immediately searched for his whereabouts.

On the other hand, The Evil Spirit’s Wakikota Shin meets Cho Tae Sin. Still full of tension, this episode managed to get a rating of 9.9%.

Kim Sae Bom Reportedly Wrote Episodes 15 and 16

Kim Sae Bom Reportedly Wrote Episodes 15 and 16

The news of Yeo Jina resigning made the netizens argue about the continuation of The Uncanny Counter. The ocn drama does have many loyal fans. Their expectations for the last episode were so high.

Not a few are worried if the end of the story will disappoint, because the author naksah different. So far, the audience is immersed with the storyline written by Yeo Jina.

Episodes 15 and 16 are yet to air, but the development of the plot has begun to falter. Some viewers were dissatisfied with the change of new screenwriter.

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In the midst of increasingly heated comments, Kim Se Jeong as the main player of daram calmed the fans through Instagram.

The post included a photo with the cast of The Uncanny Counter and included a caption that the current conditions were fine, and prompted support from viewers.

Reportedly, for the episodes on Januri 23 and 24, 2021 will be written by Kim Sae Bom. Previous success with Hello School Girl (2008) and If You Were Me 5 (2011).

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