Win Two Nominations at the Blue Dragon Film Awards 2021, This Is Yoo Ah In’s Iconic Role

Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In won Best Leading Actor again from the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards 2021. Not only that, in the prestigious award ceremony, he also managed to take home the Popular Star Award category trophy. Both nominations were earned for her role in the filmVoice of Silence (2020).

Being known as such a successful actor today is certainly not easily obtained. Of course, Yoo Ah In works hard in every role played. Both as a lead and a supporter, he has always managed to become a character who has a strong character.

As in the following Korean films and dramas, Yoo Ah In’s iconic role has always been attached to the hearts of fans.

Moon Jae In – Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

Moon Jae In - Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Sungkyunkwan Scandal aired from August 30, 2010 to November 2, 2010 on KBS. It stars a string of top artists, such as Yoochun, Park Min Young, Song Jong Ki, Yoo Ah In, and many more. It was no surprise that the drama was very popular at the time.

Yoo Ah In plays Moon Jae Sin, a student in the Joeseon dynasty who has a fierce nature. This is what keeps Kim Yoon He’s character away from her. However, due to frequent accidental encounters the two became intimate. Even being a roommate.

According to Yoo Ah In reported by several media outlets, he deliberately lengthened his hair to explore the character of Moon Jae Sin. At first, the character appears like an unkempt bum. No one expected, it turns out that he is also one of the students at SunKyunKwan University.

Wan Deuk – Punch (2011)

Wan Deuk - Punch

Released on October 20, 2011, Punch tells the story of a high school kid who wants to become a boxer. The 1 hour 45 minute film carries a fresh comedic genre, although the background of the main cast is quite depressing.

Yoo Ah In plays a high school kid named Wan Deuk, who lives and grows up with only a father who works as a dancer clown. Born a poor child, he had no interest in school.

Not familiar with friends at school makes Wan Deuk choose to be alone. Because, he is known as a rough shiva and often fights. In fact, he was neighbors with his homeroom teacher, Pak Dong Jo. This does not make him kapok.

Jo Tae Oh – Veteran (2015)

Jo Tae Oh – Veteran (2015)

In 2015, Veteran was named the third highest-grossing television player in South Korean cinema history. The film, directed by Ryoo Seung Wan, sold around 13.4 million admissions.

Yoo Ah In plays Sijin Group heiress Jo Tae Oh. He was involved in corruption, extortion, and murder. At first, the conglomerate’s son always managed to get away easily from the police.

However, Seo Do Cheol intervenes to stop the crimes committed by the tycoon’s son. This senior detective promised to drag Jo Tae Oh to the green table.

Both Jo Tae Oh and Seo Do Cheol are both in difficult situations.

Prince Sado – The Throne (2015)

Prince Sado - The Throne

The Throne is a historical film set in the Joseon dynasty during the reign of King Yeongjo. Yoo Ah In plays Crown Prince Sado, the heir to the throne who is deemed unfit to rule.

At the age of 27, Crown Prince Sado was sentenced to death by his own father. Imprisoned in a rice barn for eight days until choked and starved to death.

In addition toYoo Ah In, the film stars Song Kang Ho, Moon Geun Young, Kim Hae Seok, Jin Ji Hee, Seo Ye Ji, and many more.

The Throne won three awards at the same time at the 35th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards. In addition, the film was also sent as a representative from South Korea for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Award for Best International.

Han Seo Joo – Chicago Typewriter (2017)

Han Seo Joo – Chicago Typewriter

The television series Chicago Typewriter aired from April 7, 2017 to June 3, 2017. This fantasy romance drama stars Yoo Ah In, Im so Jung, and Go Kyung Po.

Yoo Ah In plays Han Se Joo, a well-known South Korean novelist. One day, he flew to Chicago to attend a book-signing event. It was in this country that it first discovered an old typewriter.

Han Se Joo is interested in the old typewriter because it has Korean writing, but the owner doesn’t want to sell it.

A few days after returning to South Korea, Han Se Joo gets a shipment from Chicago. Surprisingly, the package he received contained an old typewriter found in the country.

The old typewriter can connect Han Se Joo with his past life.

Yun Jeong Rights – Default (2018)

Yun Jeong Rights – Default

Default tells about National Bankruptcy Day which was released on November 28, 2018. Dare to bring the case of the real monetary crisis occurred in 1997 ago, the film is quite successful. It grossed about $27.6 million.

Yoo Ah In plays a financial consultant, Yin Jeong Hak. Realizing the economic crisis could make the country bankrupt, he began looking for investors to provide capital to the country.

The conflict is directly presented at the beginning of the story, the emotional connection of the players in the face of difficult times is highlighted very strongly. This is the default kekutan, in addition to the plot that describes the history of the South Korean economy.

Tae In – Voice of Silence (2020)

Tae In – Voice of Silence

Voice of Silence was released on October 15, 2020. Through this film Yoo Ah In received two trophies from the Blue Dragon Film Awards 2021. Directed by Hong Eui Jeong, the big screen doesn’t feature much dialogue.

Yoo Ah In plays the character of Tae In, a poor man who spends the rest of his life in the countryside. Unable to speak, he always relied on a friend named Chang Bok. They both work as subcontractors for a criminal organization.

Both are tasked with cleaning and disposing of the remains of the gangsters’ heinous treatment.

One day, they were confused and hesitant because the subject of the kidnapping was an 11-year-old boy named Cho Hee. This puts Tae In and Chang Bok in a difficult situation.

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