Long Time No Show, Yoo Kyung Ex A-Pink Debuts As Fashion Designer

Yu Kyung A-Pink fashion designer.

Yoo Kyung reappears in public after a long time of not being heard from. Former girl group member A-Pink debuted as a fashion designer. She is ready to contribute new clothing ideas and concepts to the world.

The owner of hong yoo kyung’s real name decided to terminate his contract with Cube Entertainment in April 2013. Leaving a dream as an idol may be hard, but now it’s all paid off with her achievements in fashion.

Through her personal social media account, Yoo Kyung revealed that she took classes at ESMode Fashion School for 2 years. He has just completed his education with the title of best graduate.

The 26-year-old appeared in the coverage of Chosun Ilbo, South Korea’s top daily newspaper. Where her work during her education in fashion school was awarded as the first winner.

What are Yoo Kyung’s Career Life and Facts?

For those who do not know her figure, this is the curry trip and facts related to Yoo Kyung ex A-Pink.

1. Debut With A-Pink

Yu Kyung Ex A-Pink Debuts As Fashion Designer

Yoo Kyung is the fifth member of A-Pink introduced by Cube Entertainment in 2011. A video uploaded online shows him playing the piano.

A-Pink released the first MINI album titled Spring of A-Pink in April 2011, and the main music video for I Don’t Know. Previously, Yoo Kyung made her unofficial debut as a child singer with a song called Hae Tae Story.

When she was in elementary school, Yoo Kyung was a classmate of the late Sulli. According to various sources, he had lived in the United States for two years when he was young.

She is an alumnus of Busok Elementary School and Sehwa Girls Junior High School. Before moving to Seoul Performing Arts High School, Yoo Kyung briefly attended Hyundai High School. In 2018, he completed his bachelor’s degree at Chung Ang University.

2. Leaving Cube Entertainment

Yu Kyung's exit from A-Pink

Rumors and controversies regarding Yoo Kyung’s exit from A-Pink are still under discussion today. Because, this former idol decided to leave before the group was widely known.

The group, which leaves members Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo, and Hayoung, has been popular since releasing a song called No No in 2013. Early on, not many knew that A-Pink used to have seven members.

The reason for Yoo Kyung’s exit from the group is also still a crossroads. There are media outlets who declared themselves terminating the contract after being declared qualified as a student at a well-known college. This triggered negative comments from netizens, she was considered arbitrary in the entertainment industry because of the daughter of a conglomerate.

3. Controversy Concerning Parents and Former Agencies

3. Controversy Concerning Parents and Former Agencies

As is known, Yoo Kyung is the daughter of Hong Ha Jong, CEO of DSR Corporation. The manufacturing company run by his father produced wire ropes and hard steel to assemble transportation such as cars or ships.

According to several sources, the wealth generated by the company in 2010 reached 150 million U.S. dollars. Through one of the television programs, it was revealed that Yoo Kyung’s house has a very luxurious interior design.

However, the agency revealed that the former asrtisnya underwent the same training period as other idols.

Not long ago Yo Kyung was announced out of A-Pink, Hong Ha Jong feuded with Cube Entertainment. The agency has been accused of abuse against her daughter. Many assume that he is only used because of the children of wealthy families.

The affair ends with Hong Ha Jong demanding Cube Entertainment apologize publicly, and clear Yoo Kyung’s name of the false accusations.

Soon after, the agency announced that yoo kyung’s reason for leaving was purely because he wanted to focus on continuing his studies.

4. Establish Good Relationship with A-Pink Member

Establish a Good Relationship with A-Pink Member

Many suspect Yoo Kyung left A-Pink because of bullying by other members. However, the news was brushed aside through a social media post from one of the members. In 2018, Eunji uploaded a photo with Chorong and Bomi. Sontak uploads it makes the netizens excited.

In the photo, it shows one person who is not clearly visible. However, Eunji tagged Yoo Kyung’s social media accounts. Seeing that, fans expressed their longing for the former A-Pink member. Not a few expect them to return with 7 members.

5. Talented in the Field of Fashion Designer

Talented in the Field of Fashion Designer

After completing her education at Chung Ang University, Yoo Kyung attended ESmode Fashion School for approximately 2 years. Not long ago, he graduated from the school.

After her name was included in the news on chosun ilbo, Yoo Kyung expressed gratitude for this. She revealed the struggles during her two years of education in fashion school.

The work as a final duty offering before graduation is prepared for one year. Hard work pays off with the best awards directed at the results of his designs.

Not to forget, Yo Kyung thanked the people closest to him who have always provided support. He also said that his debut as a fashion designer will begin this year.

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