Andrew Tate responds to Piers Morgan’s claim that he was shot dead

Andrew Tate responds to Piers Morgan's claim that he was shot dead

A hacker recently hijacked Piers Morgan’s Twitter account to disclose messages that caused Morgan to come under fire, particularly for his remarks against Christiano Ronaldo. However, the hacker employed it to target Andrew Tate, a former fighter who is now a prominent internet figure.

Because of his reputation as a journalist, Piers Morgan claimed in a Tweet that Andrew Tate had been shot dead in Dubai. Many people took this to be real until it was discovered that his Twitter account had been hacked. Tate has been one of the most contentious figures with his very unique thoughts on certain matters, so it goes without saying that the news sent shockwaves.

Piers Morgan’s account was being used improperly to the point where he had to deactivate it, but by the time he was able to gain control of the problem, Tate was one of several people the hacker targeted.

Tate’s response to Morgan’s Tweet was that it was “hard to kill.”

Given that Morgan had no authority over his account, it is plausible to believe that Tate was fully aware that this was a hacker’s action and that Morgan was not in charge of the account.

The hacker realized the whole thing was a big complex hoax that wouldn’t go on for very long. After his exclusive interview with CR7, Morgan gained a lot of attention. He also made a series of contentious Tweets during Leo Messi’s victory in Qatar, which is likely what attracted the hacker’s notice.

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