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6 Tips to Establish a Good Relationship with In-Laws

EstablishIng Good Relationship with In-Laws

As you get older, you’ll go through a marriage and become an official partner. Hope to get along and establish a good relationship with the in-laws is the dream of almost all daughter-in-law. Of course, we as someone who has just entered into a new family environment has the hope of being considered like a child by the in-laws.

However, such expectations usually will not easily come true. There are a variety of factors that cause something like this to happen. One of them might be because the in-laws need time to adapt to us.

When in fact, when we marry someone, we will also “marry” their family, this is absolute. This is because no matter what our in-laws are, they are still the parents of our spouses and are now our parents as well.

As a son-in-law, there is no harm in us also trying to be closer to the in-laws. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic as it is today, the frequency of us being able to meet with in-laws is reduced if we do not live in one house. Well, in order to maintain good relationship with in-laws, let’s take a look at the following 6 tips!

1. Have a Positive Mindset When You Will Meet with Your In-Laws

Have a Positive Mindset When You're Going to Meet with Your In-Laws
Positive Thinking

When we plan to meet with the in-laws, first create a positive aura into our mindset. Let’s say by always smiling during the trip or it can also be by thinking about what chats will be discussed with the in-laws.

After that, when you meet him, smile. Say hello to him politely and politely to show love and affection. With this positive aura, usually our hearts and minds will feel calmer.

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This can then make us closer to the in-laws and not easily offended in case the in-laws accidentally do something that is not in accordance with what we expect.

2. Trying to Establish Good Relationship with In-Laws by Giving Attention

Have a Positive Mindset When You're Going to Meet with Your In-Laws

Just like humans in general, in-laws must also be happy if given attention. The form of attention needed by the in-laws is certainly diverse and cannot be equated. However, some of the common things that most in-laws also need are kitchen necessities.

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic as it is today, many new clusters are emerging in the market, especially those that are still traditional. If we meet the needs of our kitchen in-laws, in addition to being closer, we also at the same time maintain the health of the in-laws from the dangers of the surrounding environment during the Covid-19 pandemic as it is today

3. Doing Quality Time Together

quality time with in-laws

Furthermore, so that we can establish a good relationship with the in-laws, we can do quality time with him. Do not have to ask for time off work or traveling out of the house, we can do quality time in the midst of the busyness that we live daily.

For example, it’s like chatting together about life for a newly married couple. Here we can also ask for tips to live a good home life so as not to go the wrong way. We don’t have to worry about the new insights our in-laws give us are true or not.

Because, our in-laws already feel the fall of the household when they just married first. In fact, we can also wonder about problems and trials that sooner or later will definitely come close and how to overcome them.

4. Don’t Count with In-Laws

Don't Count with In-Laws

Almost all in-laws must like a son-in-law who is loyal to him. Therefore, we as daughter-in-law must always be obedient and uncalculated to the in-laws. This applies to the daughter-in-law who lives in a house or different house with her in-laws.

If we do not live together with the in-laws,then we can show a loyal attitude by frequently visiting his house and not forgetting to bring gifts for the in-laws. It’s also best to give us some of the staples that our in-laws definitely need.

5. Think of In-Laws As Parents Themselves

Think of In-Laws As Parents Themselves

After officially becoming a married couple, our in-laws will occupy the same position as our parents. Therefore, give love and affection to the in-laws just as when we give it to parents.

For example, like when the in-laws are sick, prepare medicine and visit them with some healthy and nutritious food so that they feel cared for. It can also make them adapt immediately and assume that we are their family.

Instead of being like other people who don’t care, we as daughter-in-law actually care deeply about her. Not only when they are sick, but in other situations and conditions when the in-laws are in need of help, we as daughter-in-law must also be on standby to help her.

6. Be Polite and Appreciate Everything In-Laws Do

In-Laws Like Their Own Parents

As “new members” in our spouse’s family, we should be polite in front of everyone. It does not close the possibility that our in-laws will definitely continue to participate in our domestic affairs later.

Although we seem disturbed by his privacy, but we should not be insolent to in-laws who are certainly older than us. We as daughters-in-law must remain polite to them.

This can be done in various ways, one of which is by still appreciating everything either in the form of advice or criticism given by our in-laws.

If your father-in-law gives us bad criticism or advice, you should still say thank you and promise to try to get better.

Thus, eventually our in-laws will realize that this son-in-law turned out to be very respectful of himself and never argued or even complained to their son.

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