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5 Recommended Board Games For The Whole Family

Maybe today’s children are no longer familiar with the term board games and if they have heard but precisely from the game applications scattered on the Play Store for free. If talking about today’s children’s version of the wow era there may also be a truth that today’s children are completely different from the children of old and one of them is from their choice of games. Pencita Community is one of the community of board game lovers who until recently were active to reintroduce keasikan board gameplay. If yesterday you visited Indonesia Comic Con 2017 held at the Jakarta Convention Center of course you will not miss the opportunity to visit the booth owned by where you can try various types of board games that they offer.

Fun Board Game for The Whole Family

Well, if you also want to re-introduce the fun of your childhood while playing board games with your kids nowadays it does not hurt to introduce some kind of board games are fun for the whole family because it is compared to application-based games, board game is not only fun but provides emotional closeness to the players because it must be played face to face. Here are some recommendations for fun board games that you can play with your family.

  1. monopoly

Monopoli is one of the classic games of Indonesian society and fun to play with family. Although there is now a version of the application but still this game is most fun if played directly. The benefits of this game for children are that children become acquainted with how to calculate money, the buying and selling system even knows the investment system. In addition monopoly also teaches children about the names of places, cities or countries.

  1. Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is arguably a fun game without much thinking and is absolutely a fortune when the dice are thrown. But as one of the easy-to-play games, snakes and ladders can also teach children how to behave when receiving defeat and how to experience victory. If your child is new to counting, getting the task of counting dice can also be a reward for them.

  1. Conglak

Conglak is one of the traditional Indonesian games that should not be extinct. This game is very fun to play with family even though it can only be played by two people in one round. But it can be played in turns.

  1. Scrabbles

If English is one of the languages you teach your child then Scrabbles is one of the board games that you must have, in addition to teaching you how to compete sportsively, scrabbles also teach words in English so that they are motivated to look for new words so as not to lose the game. Plus they also have to learn to count their own victories.

  1. Uno

Another type of fun game to play in the crowd is Uno. Uno does not include board games but is included in card games but seems incomplete when discussing games for families but does not discuss Uno. The unique thing about this game is that when the card is left one owner must shout Uno otherwise he will still be considered defeated. This game is a bit complex for children but if you understand, children can learn about matching shapes, colors and numbers at once.

Well, now wait no more try to introduce a variety of fun board games to your whole family and make this weekend a fun day to spend at home with the family even free without gadgets.

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