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True, if people say that family is the most valuable treasure. Not only as the first place to communicate, socialize, but family also provides a warmth and familiarity that is different from other communities. In fact, people who do not have blood relations we can make a family because they have empathized with each other and are so close. We can get that closeness to be spending time together.

There are many things you can do when you’re spending time with your family. Traveling together may be one of the achievements of a plan that can make proximity more enjoyable. However, behind the plan that takes time there are actually simple things that make family gatherings more beautiful. Some ways can be done intensely to spend time with family as follows;

Dinner Together

Having dinner together may be a common and simple thing. However, if intact family members can get together and enjoy dinner together will add to the appetite. Why dinner? This is the most effective time to gather family members. Those who work and school are home. If breakfast is usually difficult, some are in a hurry to go to the office, some have not appetite and unusual breakfast even some people continue their dreams in bed. So, eating malm can be an aternative to spend time gathering with family.

Drink Tea or Coffee in the Afternoon

Drinking tea or coffee in the afternoon you can also do to spend some relaxing time with family. Not difficult, right, set aside a few minutes to gather? Taste the pleasure of tea or coffee with the closest people and throw laughter at each other. This will increase familiarity and reduce stress after a day of activity.

Watching Comedy Together

Although in each family member’s room there is a television, but you do not hurt if you watch television together. Soap opera shows became the favorite of women and balls became a favorite of men and could not unite, comedy became an option to watch together. Comedy not only presents humor, but also becomes everyone’s favorite. Who doesn’t want to watch funny things to relax a little nerve that’s tired of working all day. Especially if watching comedy together with family, laughing together is more beautiful.

Clean up the house

Another little thing is to clean the house. Maybe this can be done once a week on holiday. You can help each other and make the house more comfortable. In addition, you can also make the moment for fun routine activities, and can be remembered someday if you already have a partner or when traveling away from family.

Talk on the Terrace before Dusk

Lastly, it makes the terrace a gathering place in addition to a place to eat and a television viewing room. Enjoying dusk on the terrace with family members is also a fun thing. In addition to feeling calm and comfortable, on that occasion you can express your opinions casually. Heavy talk feels light if expressed subtly and politely. Enjoying dusk and talking with family members adds to each other’s openness. It is also good for parents to give advice or reprimand their children.

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True happiness is not obtained from a luxurious thing and huras. Less time for the person we love and make the most of that time will mean more. Not only becomes a happiness in itself, the small things above can also be a memory in the future. Take your time for your family, loving them makes you more whole and meaningful.

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