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How to Teach Your Child to Be a Good Person

How to Teach Your Child to Be a Good Person

How to teach kids about diversity. How do we teach our children that diversity should be embraced and celebrated?

Every family is different. Some raise children in cities with ample opportunity to interact with people who see, act, believe or think very differently than they do. Others have more than homogeneous environments with little chance of experiencing diversity. Here are three ways to help your kids embrace diversity:

Keep your mouth

Children are taking more ways than you ever planned for them to learn. Don’t criticize the way others live. This should especially include never attributing negative attributes to others and implying that those attributes are due to race, nationality or religion.

Acknowledge the difference

It’s natural to see that someone is different from you. Children are especially curious and will definitely see a difference. Don’t pretend they don’t exist. Pretending there’s no difference sends the message that being different is embarrassing or that it’s something to be ignored. Use children’s curiosity as an opportunity to learn.

Get to know different aspects of diversity

Orang tua harus bersedia untuk cabang ke keadaan mereka belum tentu digunakan untuk. Bahkan jika Anda tinggal di masyarakat adalah ras atau agama yang sama, ada cara untuk memperkenalkan anak-anak untuk gaya hidup yang berbeda. Keanekaragaman datang dalam berbagai bentuk. Menjangkau kelompok dalam komunitas Anda bahwa Anda tidak alami terbiasa bergaul dengan. Anak-anak secara alami akan tumbuh untuk menikmati perbedaan mereka bergaul dengan teman-teman dari latar belakang yang berbeda selama periode waktu yang diperpanjang. Karena anak-anak belajar terbaik dengan contoh, orang tua harus melakukan hal-hal ini juga.

The right stereotype

You can’t control everything your kids hear. Whether through school, other friends or the media, your kids will start to take in stereotypes. When you discuss differences, listen to what might come into their lives. Don’t be afraid to be softly stereotyped. While you can’t control everything your children learn, you definitely have the right to steer negative thoughts away.

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